American rivers Crossword

Longest river in the USA (8);
River that forms much of the border between the USA and Mexico (3,6);
Difficult to spell American river that flows through New Orleans (11);
River that runs through New York (6);
The Brooklyn bridge crossed this river (4,5);
River on the USA / Canada border with famous waterfalls (7);
The city of Chicago sits on the edge of this lake (8);
River on which the ill-fated Empress of Ireland sank, forms much of the border between the USA and Canada (2,8);
Famous hydroelectric construction on the Colorado river (6,3);
The Colorado river flows into this large bay (4,2,10);
River that passes through the city of Washington (7);
Tributary of the river that passes though Washington (10);
River which starts in Canada and flows through Alaska to empty into the Bering sea (5);
Largest tributary of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA (5);
The Columbia River forms most of the Border between Washington and which other American state (6);
This river forms part of the border between the states of Mississippi and Louisiana (5,5);
This river forms part of the border between Texas and Louisiana (6);
River in eastern Massachusetts that empties into the Atlantic Ocean and Boston (7,5);
Tallest dam in the USA, in the state of California (8,3);
Water retaining structure built in northern Arizona, on the Colorado River (4,6,3);
The longest suspension bridge in the USA, connects upper and lower peninsulas of lake Michigan (8,6);
Bridge crossing a body of water to link Metairie in New Orleans with the town of Mandeville, first word (4);
Bridge crossing a body of water to link Metairie in New Orleans with the town of Mandeville, second word (13);
Bridge crossing a body of water to link Metairie in New Orleans with the town of Mandeville, third word (8);

North America Crossword

North America Crossword

The ____ Mountains stretch from Canada across the United States including Colorado
Largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area
Ships can cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean using this canal
Largest country in North America by population
The capital city of this country is San Jose
Puerto ____ is a U.S. territory in the Caribbean Sea
The tallest mountain in North America
Country located between Honduras and Panama
Ocean located to the west
The capital city of this island country is Havana
Body of water stretching from Mexico to Florida
This city is the capital of Greenland
Longest river in North America
The largest city in North America by population is ____ City
The French speaking province of Canada
The Appalachian ____ are located in the eastern United States
Country just south of Mexico
This country is considered the largest island in the world
Largest country in North America by area
The island of Hispaniola includes the Dominican Republic and this country
Most populous city in Canada
Largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area
The Rio ____ forms the border between Texas and Mexico
The capital of Canada
North America is the 3rd largest__________
countries make up the continent of North America
Death Valley, in California, is the ________point on the continent.
North America was named after the explorer_____
About 502 ______people live in North America.
Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was the first European to navigate to North America in______

North America Crossword

North America Crossword

Third largest continent in the world
Country that is located in North America
Ocean that borders California
Ocean that borders the eastern United States
Body of water that borders Texas
This river runs through 10 states
This river flows through the states of Colorado, New Mexico & Texas
5 of these lakes are located in the United States
Large body of saltwater in northeastern Canada
This mountain range is nicknamed the Rockies
Mountains located in Eastern North America

US states Crossword

US states Crossword

Largest state in America
The setting of the book To kill a Mocking Bird
The location of the Grand Canyon
Birth state of Bill Clinton
3rd largest state
Location of Mt. Elbert
Borders with Massachusetts, and Rhode Island
2nd smallest state
The sunshine state
Last confederate state to join union
In the middle of the ocean
World famous potatoes
capitol, Springfield
Location of the Indianapolis 500 race
The Capitol is Des Moines
"TOTO I dont think we're in ______ anymore"
________ Fried Chicken. "Its finger lickin' good"
Shaped like a boot, shares a border with Texas
The furthest NE state
Capitol, Annapolis
Location, Plymouth Rock
This state is connected to the most great lakes
The State of 10,000 lakes
The USA's largest river's name
Location of the Gateway arch
The popular kid show "Hannah _______"
The capitol is the name of the 16th president
Location, Las Vegas
The highest point, is at the top of Mt. Washington
It has the longest board walk in the World
Location, Albuquerque
World trade Center
Loser of superbowl 50
Location, Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Capitol, Colombus
Borders with Texas, and New Mexico
Mt. Hood
Capitol, Harrisburg

U.S. Geography Crossword

U.S. Geography Crossword

What country is home to the kangaroo?
What state has the mosquito as its state bird?
What city in the U.S. is known as "Motor City?"
What state is believed to have more antelope than people?
The Mojave Desert is in what state?
What city in California was devastated in 1906 by an earthquake?
The Royal Gorge Bridge is near what city in Colorado?
What is the state capital of Deleware?
Key West is in what state?
What state was purchased from Russia in 1867?
What Hawaiian Island is Pearl Harbor on?
What major river flows through St. Louis, MO?
What city is home to the country music industry?
What is the name of the river that divides Pennsylvania from New Jersey?
Lake Ontario is the northern border to what state?
The Royal Gorge Bridge is near what city in Colorado?
Cape Cod is in what state?
The Mississippi River is the border between Wisconsin and this state? Also Known as the Hawkeye state.
In what state is Lake Powell
The Road Runner is the state bird for what state?
Graceland, Elvis Presley's homes in what city?
Helena is the state capital of which state?
Which state is divided into two parts separated by water?
This state was established in 1876.
In what state is the Grand Canyon?

Physical Features of Canada Crossword

Physical Features of Canada Crossword

The largest Great Lake.
This river connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.
The largest ocean of the 7 divisions.
The only Great Lake located entirely in the U.S.
A large area of exposed igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks that goes through Nunavut, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories.
The smallest Great Lake in surface area.
The second largest ocean after the Pacific.
The 4th largest Great Lake.
A 2,400 km long mountain range that goes through the U.S. and Canada.
A large body of saltwater in Canada with a surface area of 1,230,000 square kilometers.
The second largest Great Lake.

Landforms and Bodies of Water Crossword

Landforms and Bodies of Water Crossword

Part of a large body of water that extends into a shoreline
A deep, narrow alley with steep walls.
Body of water completely surrounded by land; usually freshwater.
Point of land that extends into a river, lake, or ocean.
Area of level land, usually low elevation and often covered with grasses
Body of land completely surrounded by water.
Flat, low land built up from soil carried downstream by a river and deposited at its mouth.
Large natural stream that flows through land.
Low land between hill or mountains.
Land along a sea or an ocean.
Small stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river.
_____ of a river--Place where a river empties into a larger body of water.
Part of a body of water that extends into a shoreline; larger and deeper than a bay.
Narrow stretch of land connecting two larger land areas.
Body of land jutting into a lake or ocean, surrounded on three sides by water.
Area of flat or rolling land at high elevation, about 300 to 3,000 feet high
Land with steep sides that rise sharply from the surrounding land.

Africa Crossword

Africa  Crossword

Worlds largest hot desert covering most of North America
Transition zone south of the Sahara separates Sahara from tropical rain forest
Central African tropical rainforest is the screams largest in the world
Worlds longest river; flows northwest to Mediterranean sea
Largest freshwater lake in Africa
Longest lake and second deepest in the world and lies in central Africa
Southern desert
2nd longest in Africa And crosses the equator twice
Main river in Western Africa 5 African nations depend on it for water flows
Range in Northern Africa between Mediterranean sea and Sahara desert
Located south of Sudan
The Niger River flows through this country
The mike river flows through this country
Lake victori sits right next to this country

Southwest Region Crossword

Southwest Region Crossword

The desert that covers the southern half of Arizona and New Mexico.
The largest desert in North America.
The lowest lands in the Southwest region
The largest of the canyons in the southwest.
Rivers that join other rivers.
Soil being carried by rivers.
The dam that controls the Colorado River, and supplies electricity and water to the southwest and west.
This river forms part of the border between Mexico and the United States
Mexican name for the Rio Grande.
Hot and dry area.
A period of time with little or no rain.
Animals that hunt at night.
The hottest city in America.
Arizona produces 2/3 of the __________ mined in the United States
Pipes or canals that move water over long distances.
The fossilized remains of prehistoric trees.
This kind of bread is used to make chips, nachos, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos.
Tradition Christmas food in the southwest.
The southwest used to belong to this country.
Biggest American Indian tribe.

Canada Crossword

Canada Crossword

Mountains that extend north from the United States into western Canada
Falls created by the waters of the Niagara River
An important international waterway that links the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
Region of rocky uplands, lakes and swamps. Covers about 1.8 million square miles of Canada
This area lines the Atlantic coast of Canada. Includes the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Some of these provinces are islands in the Atlantic Ocean
The area that stretches north of the Great Lakes. It includes the large provinces of Ontario and Quebec
Covers Canada's central plains. Includes the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
The region on Canada's Pacific coast that is made up of the province of British Columbia
This area lies north and reaches far into the Arctic Ocean. It includes Canada's three territories which include Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut
A natural resource found in the Atlantic region that has created a major economic activity.
A physical feature that covers most of the Northern Region.
The core region has become a large producer of this natural resource

Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans Crossword Puzzle

Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans Crossword Puzzle

The tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream.
A small stream that flows into a larger stream.
Material being transported by a river is deposited.
Being eroded by water, wind, or other natural agents.
Matter that settles to a bottom of a liquid.
A body of air or water moving in a definite direction.
Class of naturally occurring solid in organic substances. MINERAL
Winding curve of bend in a river.
An area of land that collects rivers, basins, or seas.
A large lake used as a source of water supply.
A crescent-shaped lake formed in the abounded channel.
A place where a river enters a lake.
A land form that forms from deposition carried by a river.
Land along side river or lake.
An area of low lying ground.