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Girls Night In Bingo Cards

Girls Night In Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Goes to Kmart weekly
Is a working Mumma
Had sex today
Has a secret chocolate stash
Can ride a motor bike
Has been sky diving
Has been arrested
Has an obscure talent
Wore make up tonight
Has a fur baby
Has their nails done
Never been married
Has more then one child
Has a manual licence
Loves trashy tv shows
Arrived in their PJs


Canopy Christmassy Who Knows Who??? Crossword


Who worked in a Family Planning Clinic prior to joining Canopy?
For the last 3 months or so, Audrey has been desperate to rid her house of something – what was it?
Whose remedy in times of stress, or any other time really, is chocolate?
Before joining Canopy, and herding doctors, Jane was responsible for organising what other group of professionals?
Trish was first in the team to secure what sort of booking after 29 November?
Patients are required to swab within how many days of their visit to Canopy?
First name of our most recently retired Canopy clinician?
Some of us prefer Netflix & Chill but for this teamster it’s Chardonnay & Piano – who is it?
Debbie has a very talented niece who sold her creations as a fundraiser earlier this year – what were they?
Name Charmaine’s newest grandbaby – here’s a clue, she’s a girl?
We are currently building a fancy schmancy new premises in Hawkes Bay – is it in Napier or Hastings?
It’s a tasty tipple, as well as being Tania’s (offsite) nickname?
In the olden days, pre Covid lockdowns, what mode of transport did Dale bring onsite?
Name the only boy in Tenia’s otherwise all-girl household?
What does the “E” stand for in the Canopy core values (CARE)?

Spelling Oct 25-29 Word Search

Word Search


Neuroscience Exam 2 Review Crossword


_______ receptors respond for the duration of time a stimulus is present.
Somatosensation is always _____ information.
______ receptors adapt to a constant stimulus & stop responding for the entire duration.
Muscle spindles provide sensory feedback on how hard a muscle is ______.
Information in divergent relay pathways is transmitted with _____ fidelity.
Getting a flu shot is an example of _____ (or discriminative) nociception.
______ relay pathways play a role in adjustments of movements that have been mastered and posture.
This is the ability to identify an object using touch and proprioceptive information.
The Z-line is the edge to edge length of a ________.
Muscle tone is the resistance to _______ in a resting muscle.
______ motor neurons communicate with extrafusal muscle fibers.
______ motor neurons are controlled by the cerebellum.
Motor tracts provide motor signals from the ____ to the spinal cord.
The _____ motor tracts are involved in posture & gross motor movements.
The reticulospinal tract is a ______process for anticipatory use of information.
The lateral _______ tract is the most important pathway for UE voluntary movement.
The _____ spinocerebellar pathway transmits high-fidelity information from the LEs and lower trunk.
The ______ spinocerebellar tract crosses midline twice enroute to the cerebellum.
______ & equilibrium is influenced by the vestibulocerebellum.
The _______ cerebellar peduncle only deals with afferent information.

2021 Braun Christmas Crossword


Loves BYU football, weekends and the temple.
Does taxes at KPMG. Hasn't gone to jail... yet.
Loves Kayaking, teaching in Kenya with Days for Girls.
Writes surveys at Qualtrics. Hasn't been fired... yet.
Poops and Crawls. No timeouts... yet.
Nuclear operator. Still not glowing. Hunts a lot... maybe too much.
Keeping up with her boys and Color Street nail polish.
Constantly on the go, exploring new things.
Happiest baby! He's on the move, rolling around.
Making websites for fun and profit. Newest developer at Formidable.
Whiteboards @lunchlesson. Blog-hollybraun.com. Always teaching/learning.
Her family's artistic director and cellist.
Subscribe to thepeterhero3 Minecraft Channel. (Coming 2025)
Trick shot dude.
Loves Kindergarten, bunnies, baths, books, Dogman.
Famous quote: "Mom, I stiw wuv you."
No sleep, no mess. Three kids under 5 is the best.
Inventor, momma's helper, Dino rancher.
Professional dinosaur impersonator.
Patient, snuggly, therapy baby. Only complains from 10pm-6am.
New director of Technical Accounting at Ancestry. Daddy dino impersonator.
Goal: A marathon per state. #21done
Work and Littles... diving into the fray... #running all day.
Letters, number and learning; a busy little guy. #overachiever
My favorite toys are my toes. #2ndchildwoes
Almost dropped out of BYUI again.
Doesn't know what free time is anymore. Engineering at BYUI.
The Grow-A Tadpole kit from Aunt Holly became...
Our wish for you

CRNA Life Crossword


Form of anesthesia, loss of sensation in one localized part of the body
Implies that a specified quantity of drug was rapidly administered IV.
Branch of medicine dealing with operative procedures to correct deformities and defects
Form of anesthesia that uses paste or gel on a specific area
Medication to relieve pain
Opioid analgesic used to supplement general anesthesia during and after surgery to control pain
A physician who specializes in the practice of anesthesia
flexible tube tha tis inserted into a vein or artery to deliver medication, fluids or remove fluids from body
registered nurse who has additional education & training in the administration of anesthetic medications
"Breathing tube"; Placed in trachea to ensure the airway remains open and protected so air reaches the lungs
Instrument used to open throat and larynx, so that intubation is possible
combination of drugs used to medically-induce a state of reversible consciousness
Lying face up and on an incline with head lower than legs
Form of anesthesia, interrupts pain sensation along a nerve in certain part of body, injected into or around the nerve
Loss of motor response (movement) due to paralysis of motor nerves
A state which there is malleable rigidity of limbs, generally unresponsive to aural, visual, or minor painful stimuli.
Endotracheal tube has been removed from airway
The insertion of tube into the airway to protect it from collapsing; opening up the airway to give oxygen, anesthetic or medication
A powerful inhaled drug used for induction and general maintenance of anesthesia; Non-flammable
Stage of anesthesia; erratic breathing, irregular heart rate, nausea, dilated pupils
Inhalation of oro-pharyngeal or gastric content into larynx and respiratory tract
Deprived of adequate oxygen supply

Jakes isolation search Word Search

Word Search

Restaurant del shannon
our driving tests
Newcastle harbour
Sunflower fields
The messy baker
Oxford island
Moira demense
Jersey street
Our theories
Matching pjs
Fire date

The Puzzling Charboneau's Crossword


This is Bostyn's last year in ______. She says she loves her teacher (me), her friends, and learning.
Myles loves going to his _____ class; learning to jump, run, and roll. His favorite is when they get to climb the rope to the ceiling.
Angel is ______ and due at the end of May.
Joey has been working at the site for _____ years. He is a chemist and works long and hard.
Myles' favorite things about 1st grade are his teacher and _____.
Bostyn loves her ______ class. She insists on always having her hair in a bun for her class.
Angel served as Relief Society secretary for only 6 months, and has recently been called to be ______ president.
Joey worked hard on our yard this _____. He removed/added fences, built a chicken coop, a green house and more.
Myles and Bostyn are both in kids' _____. After Bostyn's first concert, Myles was inspired by the music and wanted to join her. It makes a Mama's heart proud to see her kids up there singing their hearts out.
We love you all and hope you have a very merry ______, as we reflect on the birth of our Savior.

Matrix Task Crossword


When people cross state boundaries and stay in the host state for some minimum length of time
They do not stay permanently and are classified as not labour
They are defined as a person who was born overseas, and now permanently live here
It is a person's legal resident status in a country or territory of which such person is not a citizen
the most privileged form of nationality
A person who moves from one place to another, especially in order to find work or better living conditions.
A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country
A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster
A person who leaves their country of residence, enters another country and applies for asylum
A reason to be attracted to a place
Multiple reason to leave an area

Rabbity Crosword Crossword

Rabbity Crosword  Crossword

Smallest rabbit in New Zealand
How many teeth does a rabbit have
How many dew claws does a rabbit have
how many eyelids does a rabbit have
What breed has a long coat
What is a male rabbit called
The physical state of the rabbit with reference to health
Excessive fat or looseness of the pelt
The hindquarters of a rabbit
The birth of a litter
The white mark on the hind feet of a Dutch
Which breed in NZ, only comes in white
Minimum number of hops for a rabbit in it's permanent home
A rabbit can look dead when it's
Pine cones can be used as
To cool a rabbit down you wet it's
Clover can give rabbits
Two spots at the root of the ears in some colour patterns
Slim, trim, alert
What colour is a rabbit when the ears, nose, feet & tail are black & the body is white
A colour of a Flemish Giant
What are the smellers on a rabbit
You give lots each day to your rabbit and its very dry
What breed has tuffs of fur on their ears
To scent and mark things, a rabbit does what
Longer and stranger hairs found in a coat are called
B.I.S is