INSPIRE Competencies and Core Values Crossword

Demonstrates fairness and honesty, and behaves with sound morals and ethical principles
Demonstrates positive attitude, resilience, and openness to changes in business environment, processes, and structure
Anticipates future consequences and trends accurately, and has broad knowledge and perspective
Fosters an environment that motivates and energizes employees to perform at their best.
Creates opportunities or identifies solutions for both short and long term goals
Treats all people with dignity, and resolves interpersonal conflicts constructively
Actively listens to other's ideas and information, and is aware of and responsive to verbal and non-verbal communication styles
Acting with integrity and accountability at all times, building trust every day
We team, we communicate, we inform - always as the client's ally, putting their needs first
We drive growth with agility, looking beyond the status quo and continuously improving as we evolve.
We keep high standards and exceed expectations, achieving outstanding performance.
We have fun at work appreciating one another and sharing our successes

Business and Entrepreneurship Word Search

Business and Entrepreneurship Word Search
Word Search

Interpersonal Skills
Critical Thinking
Career Planning
Time Management
Interpret Data
Team Work

HPE Culture Word Search

HPE Culture Word Search
Word Search

Together we win the right way
How people work and live
Diversity and Inclusion
Innovators at heart
Partnership first
Enterprise Group
Bias for action
Our businesses
Our customers
Global reach
HPE Culture
Our people
We create
We build
We grow

Components of Fitness Crossword

Components of Fitness Crossword

The ability of the performer to change the position of their body quickly, whilst keeping their entire body under control
The ability to exercise the entire body for a long period of time. It relates to the efficiency of the heart and lungs.
The ability to use voluntary muscles many times without getting tired
The range of movement possible at a joint or series of joints.
The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance.
The ratio of muscle, bone and fat in the body.
The ability of the performer to move two or more body parts accurately and smoothly in response to stimuli from the senses.
The ability of the performer to retain their centre of mass over their base of support
A combination of strength and speed – it is the ability to do strength performances quickly (power = strength × speed).
The rate at which a performer is able to perform a movement or cover a set distance.
The amount of time it takes for a performer to initiate movement after the presentation of a stimulus.
A state of complete mental, physical and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
The ability to meet the demands of the environment.
A form of physical activity done primarily to improve health and physical fitness
How well a task is completed.

Interpersonal Communication Crossword

Interpersonal Communication Crossword

Verbal and nonverbal communications, behaviors that enhance closeness
The way an individual verbally and para-verbally interacts to signal how literal meaning should be taken
Competence, Character and Caring
Appropriate, incremental and reciprocal personal information shared
The process by which the behavior of the student influences the teacher's behavior toward the students. This shows the students what the teachers expect which affects the student's self-concept.
Your total image of yourself.
Initiate the relationship, experiment with behaviors, intensify by increased communication, and deterioration and natural occurring dissolution
How positive you feel about yourself
Behaving in ways people expect us to.
A teacher's belief that she can influence how well students learn
Being prepared, enthusiastic, clear, funny, fair, researched and giving assignments
________ affects our self-concept, and our self-concept affects how and what we communicate.
Age, gender, race, culture, and nationality
_____ has a positive impact on student attention, confidence, and satisfaction of the class
____guidelines are to know the child's background, create a positive atmosphere, make the right comments, offer realistic suggestions, listen, conclude asking assessment of understanding questions, and request a follow-up if necessary.

Interpersonal Skills & Communications Crossword

Interpersonal Skills & Communications Crossword

The use of sounds and words to express yourself.
includes gestures, facial expressions and body positions
discussion aimed at reaching an agreement
persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something
to have an effect on
The combined action of a group of people.
Conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives and desires.
The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.
The process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
The action or process of making decisions
confident and forceful behavior
The ability to establish and maintain relationships with other people
making statements clear and getting your point across; and being able to listen to others

Business Communication Crossword

Business Communication Crossword

An essential part of the communication process, outside the sender, receiver and message
A communication channel, that starts at a high level within the business and stems downward to lower levels
An essential non-verbal communication technique, most commonly used with hands
Percentage of non-verbal communication that makes up total communication
First step in the POLC managerial role process
The model on which the effective of methods of communication is judged, developed by Richard Draft and Robert Lengel
A barrier to effective communication, under the language 'category', starts with J....
Inappropriate business communication can also be known as...
Communication that occurs between people/employees of the same standing or level
The most common reason for communicating, providing ...
A common method of communication that most people use everyday, includes written communication

Business Leadership Crossword

Business Leadership Crossword

Jobs that have little or no contact with the public are referred to as___________
Workers who can keep track of documents are said to have good ________ skills.
_________ skills are nontechnical, interpersonal skills
Workers with a ____________ attitude are unpleasant, indifferent and rarely smile.
When we act or react the same way often, it becomes a ____________
Being on the job every day and arriving on time is an example of ___________
Listening to constructive criticism from your supervisor is exercising ____________
Communicating your needs to others confidently without animosity is being _____________.
When you perform your tasks without waiting for someone to tell you to get started, you are _________________
When placing a telephone call, always give the person enough time to answer by letting it ring at least _______ times.
Finding out who is calling before you put that person on hold is called _____________
What is the most conventional and widely used filing system?
Assumptions and convictions that a person holds to be true regarding people, concepts, or things.
The sum total of an individual's personality traits and the link between a person's values and her behavior.
The process of reaching logical conclusions, solving problems, analyzing factual information, and taking appropriate actions based on the conclusions.
A style of leadership in which the leader entrusts decision-making to an employee of a group of employees. The leader is still responsible for their decisions.
A style of leadership in which the leader tells the employees what needs to be done and how to perform it without getting their advice or ideas.
The flow of information back to the learner so that actual performance can be compared with planned performance.
A style of leadership in which the leader involves one or more employees in determining what to do and how to do it. The leader maintains final decision making authority.
Those abilities that people develop and use with people, with ideas, and with things, hence, the division of interpersonal, cognitive, and technical skills.
a person who works for another in order to learn a trade
a person's usual or principal work or business, esp. as a means of earning a living; vocation
A written list and description of your education and previous jobs
a person who knows you well and writes a letter containing information about you, usually to a new employer
a move to a better more responsible position at work

Nonverbal Communication Crossword

Nonverbal Communication Crossword

Message expressed by nonlingquistic means
Nonverbal behaviors that match the thoughts and emotions the comunicator is expressing linguistacally are called?
Expressions that replace verbal interjections
Enphasizing oral messages
Influencing the flow of verbal communication
A mixed message
Inadvertant signals of deception
Emphasizing punctuality, schedules and completing one task at a time
A flexible schedule with multipletasks
Body position and movement
The degree to which we face toward or away from someone with our body, feet, and head
What your position says nonverbally about how you feel
Movements that accompany speech but don't stand on thier own
Deliberate nonverbal behaivors that have a precise meaning and are known to virtually everyone within a cultural group
Unconcious bodily movements in response to the environment
Self-touching behaviors
Slow-motion epressions
Nonverbal, vocal messages
The study of touching
The study of the way people and animals use space
The first of Hall's four spatial zone: skin contact to 18 inches away
2nd spatial zone : 18 inches to 4 feet away
3rd spatial zone: 4 to 12 feet away
Hall's furthest zone
Comments "accompanied by gestures"
A common example of contradicting
Movements of the hands and arms
Any geographical area we assume "rights" to
The study of how humans use and structure time

technology Crossword

technology Crossword

company of the type of touch screen phone most of the world uses today
does not eliminate servers
a video adapter
is the integration of digital information with live video
a conventional method of transmitting data
is software that allows you to view a PDF document
is a document sent with an email message
refers to the part of an application that performs an essential task not apparent to the user
smallest unit of measurement in computing.
a wireless communications technology intended to replace cables
a saved link to a particular Web page
to load and initialise the operating system on a computer.
A software program that allows you to surf the web
is temporarily stored on your computer.
microprocessor that performs many functions and calculations that make your computer run
refers to a website's text and information, as opposed to its design and structure
refers to measures designed to protect your computer
a small program that allows a peripheral device such as a printer or scanner to connect to your PC
method by which users access and save or "pull down" software or other files to their own computers
electronic mail is a way of sending messages over the internet

Communication Process Crossword

Communication Process Crossword

How one views themselves in regards of their abilities
Relating to or in the form of words
The process by which the receiver selects and interprets information to get the message
What may be all around that could affect the accurate encoding/decoding
Not involving or using words
A person who transmits a message
Different views of a message based on traits of the information
A verbal, written, or recorded communication
The process by which the sender chooses words/phrases to present ideas to the audiance
The response one person gives to another
A person who accepts a message sent to them