Takes 1000 years to break down
Reuse thing again and again. Phrase known as reduce reuse ...
Where we buy all our food
We put our environment scraps in it
Green Waste
Takes 3-6 weeks to break down
Another word for breakdown
Gods creation
One of the top 5 exports out of Australia
Means being able to work together as a community to build a strong and health world. Also being able to balance the way we use nature and man made resources in order to avoid bankruptcy
Something you put on your roof to produce electricity from the sun helping you be more sustainable
Solar Panels
Something that people use at supermarkets to put their groceries in
Cotton Bags
It goes in your bin at home
Something that kids put their lunches in to stop using too many plastic bags
What paper is made out of
Collects water at your home to help you be more sustainable (it is big)
Water Tank
Your local area is call a ...
Where all of the rubbish goes to

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