What was Vladek counting?
What does Vladek call his pills?
Junk Food
What was Anja's first boyfriends?
A Communist
Who was arrested with communist documents?
Anja was involved in what?
Who gave the seamstress (Ms. Stefanska) the documents?
How long did Ms. Stefanska sit in prison?
Three months
What did Anja's father pay for?
A textile factory
Where was the factory built?
What was Vladek's first son named?
Who was born very premature?
What did Vladek and Anja call Art as a baby?
Heil Hitler
Where did Anja need to go to deal with her depression?
What was everyone in reaction to seeing their first Nazi Flag?
How long were they at the Sanitarium for?
Three months
What happened while they were away at the Sanitarium?
Factory was robbed
What was Vladek drafted into?
The Polish Army
What is Vladek’s left eye made of?
Who confused his fake eye for a real one?
A doctor
What collection was Anja told to keep?

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