How does Vladek treat Mala?
Like a maid
What does Mala compare living with Vladek to?
What cartoon artist does Vladek think Art will one day become more famous than?
Walt Disney
Who always offered to helo Vladek and Anja? (Richieu's Governess)
Who took Vladek and Anja in after Janina said no?
Mr Lukowski
Out of the two streetcars, one being Polish and the other German, which did Vladek frequent?
Mrs. Motonowa let them stay at her house because her husband works where for 3 months at a time?
What was Mrs. Motonowa "unable to find" when Vladek couldn't pay fully upfront?
What country was supposedly safer than Poland?
Where did Anja and Vladek stay when Mr. Motonowa was home for 10 days?
What was Anja afraid of in the cellar?
What did Vladek pretend to be when the kids thought he was Jewish?
Back in the ghetto, who was a big member of the Jewish Council?
Who was at risk of being found by the Gestapo?
Vladek and Anja
Where was Vladek's cousin Miloch hiding?
The trash
When Vladek and Anja were on the train, who stormed the train car and sent them to another prison camp?
The Gestapo
Who destroyed the notebooks Anja had made?
What did Art call Vladek when he found out he had destroyed the notebooks?
A murderer
What words were on the main gate of Auschwitz?
Work will set you free