What did Vladek want Art to fix?
The Drain Pipe
What did Art buy because writing was too much work?
A tape recorder
How many people lived at Anja's parents house?
At what place can you buy anything for the right price?
Black market
Who used to be the best tailor in Katowice?
Mr Ilzecki
What did Vladek do with the other half of the money he was making?
He saved it
What store did Vladek get a priority work card at?
A tin shop
Where did the Nazi's move the Jews of Sosnowiec to?
The ghettos
How long did Vladek's friend Cohn hang in the street for?
One week
What did Vladek start to trade?
What was Vladek carrying the almost got him arrested?
Where were Anja's grandparents hidden?
A bunker
When they were found, where did the grandparents get sent to?
What did Vladek's father do when he found out Fela got sent to the opposite line at the stadium?
Jumped the fence
Where did Art look for Anja's diaries?
The Den
What did some Jews do when they were cramped in the four apartment buildings?
Committed suicide
What does Mala thing Vladek is?