What did Vladek do when Art wouldn't help him fix the drain pipe?
Climbed on the roof
What didn't Art own until he moved into his current home?
A hammer
What was the name of the neighbor who helped Vladek fix the drain pipe?
Who was the comic that was upsetting Vladek about?
Who found Anja in the bathtub?
How did Anja die?
Who informed Art of his mother's death?
Dr Orens
What almost happened to Vladek on the way to the bank?
A heart attack
Who to Richieu to "safety"?
Who did Tosha kill when the Germans started clearing out the ghetto?
Three children and herself
How were Anja and Vladek surviving in Srodula?
In bunkers
What is the Judenrat?
The Jewish Council
Did anyone help friends or family without some form of payment?
What is a Kombinator?
A crook
What pills did Vladek take when he was having heart problems?
What was accidentally put in the cake instead of flour?
Laundry Soap
What did they chew on in the shoe bunker to feel like they were eating food?
What did Vladek assign Art at the bank?
A safe key
During Vladek's last full heart attack, what was Mala saying she wanted?
His money