What year was ESP formed in Guild Wars?
two thousand five
***What ring would a Cancer want to wear?
Ruby Ring
***What accessory would a Libra want to have?
Sapphire Earring
What month was ESP formed in?
What god watched over the original nomads who walked the Everlasting Sacred Path?
Who is the goddess of wisdom and inspiration?
Who is pure impulse in goddess form?
What server was ESP originally on in Guild Wars 2?
Henge of Denravi
Who is the imperfect link of the goddesses?
Who has been the guild leader for all twelve years?
What animal is the guild's mascot?
What mammal is the nemesis of the Platypus?
What is the guild alcoholic drink?
What piece of clothing is ESP's old co-leader, Danni, lose all the time?
***What crafting material represents the Sun as a Solar symbol?
Empyreal Star
***What weapon would a Pisces use?
What profession would best suit a Scorpio?
***What trinket would a Taurus wear?
Emerald Amulet
***What light armor set would a Gemini pick?
***What gift would a Cancer want?
Gift of the Moon
What server is ESP currently on in Guild Wars 2?
Tarnished Coast
What nationality does ESP pride itself on being?
What charity event did one of the ESP leaders help Gamers Giving Back create?
MS Toga Party
What charity event has ESP participated in hosting a server for since 2007?
Pink Day in LA
***What WvW blueprint would an Aries carry around?
What elite profession would best suit a Leo?
What race would a Virgo choose for their character?
***What WvW blueprint would a Sagittarius carry with them?
***What tool would a Capricorn have on them?
Harvesting Sickle
***What is an Aquarius' favorite form of loot?
Bag of Booty

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