Leader of the Dark-Hunters
Acheron Parthenopaeus
Only Dark-Hunter with a soul
Was the reason the out clause for the Dark-Hunters was created
Kyrian's former squire
Nicholas Gautier
The Amazon and member of the Dogs of War
Samia Savage
Mated to Sam
Mated to Bride; Arcadian Wolf
Vane Kattalakis
Head and overseer of the Omegrion; Chthonian
The Great Destroyer
Ash's wife
Soteria Kafieri
Amanda's twin sister; married to Valerius
Known for having one green eye and one brown eye
Guards the Shield of Dagda
The last living direct descendent of Apollo; mated to Wulf
The head honcho for the Hellchasers
A Sephirii and known for his red hair
The Dragon Bane
The Drakos who was injured so badly that he lost his ability to speak
The son of Set
Daughter of Ash and Artie; married to Sin
One of the oldest Drakomai; older brother of Max
Raised by Stryker as his own then killed by Stryker
Married to one of Amanda
Kyrian of Thrace
Married to Alexion
Carries BBQ sauce with her everywhere she goes

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