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  • ramen
  • chris hemsworth omg
  • hair. man hair. mmm
  • kitty!!! puppy!!! mine now
  • chibiusa #shortlife
  • bluehair & glasses
  • books. lots of books
  • Link is MY boyfriend back off
  • Thor is my other husband
  • i love my boys and my babes ♡
  • otaku since 5. mhm
  • dragons. DRAGONS.
  • words. i write words. ♡book♡
  • tea snob
  • potterhead
  • tattoooooossss
  • cant. stand. chewing. sounds.
  • ccooookiiies. ill make them
  • chocolate and manga = life
  • so many husbandos. sigh
  • eyeliner for eyebrows. blue
  • bathballs. alll the bathballs
  • natural. nature. treehugger
  • skydiving! rock climbing! yay
  • ocd. anxiety. adhd.