All other teller's work must be audited at least___________, more often if deemed necessary. (4)
Audits must be completed under _____ _______. (4)
Dual Control
If a recent check deposit is the source of funds for a wire transfer, you must pull a copy of the check from OnBase and include it when faxing the ________ _______ to accounting. (2)
Wire Service Request
What is the GL short name for an ATM fee reversal? (5)
If a member opts out of Courtesy Pay, how many fees can be reversed on their second request?(5)
To find out which countries are restricted for sending Western Unions, you can check the ____________ ____________ website. (2)
Payment Solutions
If status is blank and Date Retired reads ______ _______, it is okay to negotiate the check, (1)
Not Yet
Fourth regulatory item that Branch Operations is looking for during a review. (6)
Photocopied IDs must be_________ on all sides to the back of the voucher. (3)
________________ members is a portion of the Branch Culture section in a branch review. (6)
What is the GL short name for a courtesy NSF fee reversal? (5)
Branch Ops will be looking to see if __________ notices and disclosures are being used. (6)
Non-Members are subject to ___________ requirements. (1)
Sixth item in a daily work brick. (3)
How long must a member opt out of Courtesy Pay if they wish to have fees reversed on the second request? (5)
Six Months
Who can reverse Inactive Account/ No Current Address fees? (5)
All Staff
Which GL short name do you use when reversing IRA Maintenance fees?
To do a cash advance for a non-member, you must take the ID to a supervisor for _______ review. (1)
__________is only needed if the transaction exceeds $10,000. (1)
How much can a Teller III reverse in fees? (5)
Sixty Six
To issue a replacement check, which GL account do you place the on-us check in? (1)
Third item in a daily work brick. (3)
Cash On Hand