• Clean Living Room
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Memorize two scriptures
  • Who are you named after?
  • Clean your room
  • Your Dad's Full Name
  • Prophets Full Name
  • Wash Dishes
  • Grandpa Ma'afu's Mom's Name
  • Memorize one Scripture
  • Grandma Moli's Mom's Name
  • Grandma Hepi's Parents
  • Grandma Toa's Parents
  • Do Something Nice for Someone
  • Grandma Moli's Birthday
  • Grandpa Ma'afu's Birthday
  • Memorize ABC Properly
  • Write your full name
  • Learn 5 new shapes
  • Read an entire book
  • Write Your Dad's Name
  • Write Your Mom's Name
  • Recite Article of Faith #1
  • Recite Article of Faith #2

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