• no call offs for the month
  • 70 credits in a week
  • positive guest comment
  • avg 96 inspection for week
  • 60 synergy request in a month
  • came to work on off day
  • no OT beyond scheduled hours
  • did a good deed for guest
  • worked 6 days
  • 25 syngery request in a week
  • give the morning meeting
  • good deed for an associate
  • report: found VC room
  • helped a house attendant
  • no punch violations - week
  • cleared hallway bags and tray
  • brought treats for staff
  • 20 room keys in box - week
  • note/tip from guest
  • vacuumed hallway-week
  • 15 or more credits in a day
  • deep cleaned my closet
  • deep cleaned my cart
  • no dept accidents for month

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