Restaurant person who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional sommelier
A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations concierge
Maid in a hotel who cleans the rooms housekeeper
A person employed in a hotel to receive guests and deal with their bookings receptionist
Hotel employee who handles calls from guests who want to make a room reservation reservationist
A professional cook chef
Person who accepts orders from the dining room, relays them to the appropriate stations of the kitchen, and checks each plate before it leaves the kitchen aboyeur
Tip Gratuity
Food list Menu
Employee who delivers luggage to your hotel room porter
A place to stay with lots of rooms Hotel
Another term for a booking reservation
Head waiter Maitre d
Person responsible for washing up, cleaning and basic food preparation kitchen porter
What you need to pay at the end of your meal Bill

Hospitality Crossword


Another term for a booking Reservation
A morning phone call from the front desk, acts as an alarm clock Wake up call
It is a Hotel key performance indicator calculation that shows the percentage of available rooms or beds being sold for a certain period of time Occupancy
It refers to commercial transactions conducted electronically on Internet E-commerce
An extra service or product given to guest by the hotel, typically at no extra charge Amenities
A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations Concierge
When a guest orders food or drink to be delivered to their room Room Service
A staff who helps guest with many different personal services; these services could range from shoe polishing to parking the guest’s car Valet
The total amount of guests a hotel can cater for at any given time Capacity
A collection of independent boutique hotels that aim to showcase some of the most beautifully orchestrated hotel experiences the world has to offer Autograph Collection
An American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities Marriott
The wisdom gained through practical application Experience
An information booklet Brochures
The area where guests arrive at a hotel and check-in to their rooms Reception
To have no rooms available Fully booked
Performing a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing Housekeeper
Someone who mixes and serves drinks to customers, alcohol or non-alcohol beverages for bar and restaurant patrons Bartender
The case where some customers with a reservation do not show up to use the room(s) reserved for them, without explicit cancellation. No-Show
One or more rooms available to accommodate guests Vacancy
A person that is currently registered to stay at a property and/or has stayed at a property Guest

Food, Beverage, and Lodging Crossword


Employees who directly serve customers. Front Line Worker
Professional dedicated to wine and beverage service Sommelier
Order ticket or also known as a dupe Chit
The process of scraping breadcrumbs off the table. Crumbing
A dinner for one person. Covers
Alcohol served before a meal. Aperitif
Any combination of alcohols, juices, and other ingredients. Cocktail
Fee that is charged to bring your own bottle in to a restaurant. Corkage Fee
A drink served with a lemon/lime peel and rind. Twist
The most exspensive brands of alcohol. Premium
A group of rooms put on temporary hold. Block
A plan where all meals are included in the rate. American Plan
A guest who checks in and quickly returns to the desk without having occupied the room. DNS
Money or tip given for service. Gratuity
Price charged for a room night. Rate
A computer system that records and integrates multiple systems throughout a hotel. Property Management System
Guest account. Folio
Position known as a bellhop or bellman. Porter
To sell or reserve a room. Book
The total number of hotel guests at any one time. House Count

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chef de partie
front of house
kitchen porter
linen keeper

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Bingo Cards

single bed
swimming pool
double bed
hot tub
handicapp facilities
pull out couch
roll away bed
adjoining room
check in
book a room
check out
bed and breakfast
cancel a reservation
wake up call
ice machine
room with a view
continential breakfast
ask the concierge


Hospitality and Tourism Chapter 10 Vocabulary Crossword


Is large and provides many services. Full-Service Hotel
A hotel staff member who helps guests make arrangements. Concierge
Designed to provide for the special needs of conventions and trade shows Convention Hotel
An exhibit during which people show the goods and services they have to sell. Trade Show
The space where a trade show is held Exhibit hall
A large building designed specifically to hold large meetings, conventions, and trade shows. Convention Center
Provides the highest level of amenities, service, room furnishings, public spaces, and technology. Luxury Hotels
Caters to the vacationer or leisure traveler. Resort Hotel
A place that provides entertainment, recreation, and relaxation for vacationers. Resort
A hotel accommodation that consists of more than one room. Suite
Focuses on charging lower prices, which it is able to do by providing fewer services than a full-service hotel. Limited-Service Property
Consists of breakfast foods that do not need to be cooked. Continental Breakfast
Offers a medium level of service and midrange price. Limited-Service hotels
Have the lowest rates and least amount of service. Budget Hotels
Includes a variety of accommodations that provide less personal service than a full-service hotel, but more than a motel. Specialty Accommodations
A lodging facility where 60% or more of the total occupancy is generated by conferences. Conference Center
A private home offering one or more guest rooms. Bed-and-Breakfast
An inexpensive place to stay where sleeping rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities are shared. Hostel
The day-to-day running of the hotel. Hotel Managment
A group of independent hotels that creates a central office for reservations and marketing. Referral System
Another way of saying 'Referral System' Affiliation Group
Another way of saying 'Referral System', plural is Consortia. Consortium
The official rate for one night's lodging at a lodging property. Rack Rate
The price actually charged to a guest for one night's lodging. Room Rate
A room rate that includes meals. Meal Plan
The whole idea of the lodging property or chain. Lodging concept

Chapter Crossword


the process of finding seats for a customer in a resturant seating
a promise to hold something for a customer until the customer needs it reservations
customers who have arrived at a restaurant that have not made reservations walk-ins
a type of seating at a restaurant which customers are served on first come first serve basis open-seating
the process of taking a reservation over calling booking reservations
making more reservations than there are spaces over booking
the time that it takes a party to eat a meal, pay their bill, and leave the resturaunt residence time
a type of sweating where a customer calls the restaurant, gives them their name, and gets it put on a list call ahead seating
a computerized system for recording an order at a place where the order is taken point of sales system
related to kitchens and cooking culinary
a special area equipped with heat lamps to keep food hot until served pass-through
the person responsible for everything that happens in the front of the house of a restuarant restaurant manager
the people in the restaurant that serve customers servers
responsible for the set up of the tables, cleaning of dirty dishes from tables, and resetting the tables busser
the top manager in a restaurant or hotel kitchen responsible for everything related to the kitchen and food preperation executive chef
second in command in the kitchen sous-chef
top manager in the kitchen in the unit of a chain restaurant, responsible for kitchen operations kitchen manager
supervises the dish washing and pot washing, and clean up of glassware, silverware, and plateware steward
the person in a hotel who operates the dishwashing machine dishwasher
a professional cook chef
the member of the culinary staff who gets the orders from the servers expediter

Chapter 11: Front Office Crossword


A room where guests sleep for one or more nights. SleepingRoom
A room that customers rent for an activity. FunctionRoom
Another name for sleeping room. guestroom
The part of the hotel that handles all tasks involved in preparing and selling sleeping rooms. roomsdivision
The manager in charge of the rooms division. roomsdirector
Handles everything related to selling sleeping rooms and interacting with guests. Frontoffice
The manager in charge of the front office. frontofficemanager
The person who makes reservations when guests call the lodging property. Reservationsagent
Record that includes the guest's name, address, phone number, dates of reservation, room assigned, and any special requests. reservationrecord
A count of the number of rooms sold and the number of rooms available each day. roominventory
A person that supervises the uniformed services staff. bellcaptain
A person that takes care of all guests needs as guests arrive at the hotel. doorattendant
Responsible for helping guests with luggage in the hotel. bellattendant
A phone call placed by the hotel to the guest's room at a specific time requested by the guest. wakeupcall

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Food Counter Attendants
Dining Room Attendants
Housekeeping Supervisors
Tour Escorts
Resort Desk Clerks
Fast Food Cooks
Tour Guides
Private Cooks
Lodge Managers
Slot Supervisors
Restaurant Cooks
Cafeteria Cooks
Motion Picture Projectonist
Recreation Workers
Travel Guides
Food Service Manageres
Short Order Cooks
Transportation Ticket Agents
Recreational Attendants
Cafeteria Attendants
Gaming Supervisors
Booth Cashiers
Gaming Cage Workers
Amusement Attendants
Hotel Clerks
Institution Cooks
Gaming Managers
Baggage Porters
Restaurant Hostesses
Head Cooks
Restaurant Hosts
Food Preparation Workers
Gaming Dealers
Sports Competitors
Motel Clerks
Tour Guides
Travel Agents

Culinary Arts 1 Vocab Crossword


Expediter who takes orders from servers and calls out the orders to the various production areas in the kitchen. Aboyeur
Apartment-style facilities offered at midmarket prices. They have larger spaces that include a sitting area, often with dining space, and small kitchen or bar area, in addition to a bedroom and bath. All-Suite Properties
A service or product provided to guests for their convenience, either with or without an additional fee. Amenity
The most widely recognized rating service in the United States; it uses a diamond system in judging overall quality. AAA Tour Book
Employees who work outside the public space. _______ positions include chefs, line cooks, pastry chefs, dishwashers, dietitians, and menu planners. Back of the House
A coffeehouse usually offering pastries and baked goods. Cafe
An assembly line process of serving food quickly and cheaply without the need for servers. Cafeteria
A group of restaurants owned by the same business organization. Chain
A mark of respect and distinction that describes a professional cook who has reached the position through hard work and dedication to quality. Chef
A branch of a foodservice operation set up and operating in a place belonging to another commercial enterprise, such as a monument, museum, or ballpark. Concessions
Businesses that operate foodservice for companies in the manufacturing or service industry. Contractors will manage and operate the employee dining facilities. Contract Feeding
A gathering of people, all of whom have something in common. They are often all members of a particular organization, or they may simply be individuals who share a hobby. Convention
Facilities specifically designed to house large-scale special events, including conventions, expositions, and trade shows. Convention Centers
Clean, low-priced accommodations primarily designed for traveling salespeople, senior citizens, and families with modest incomes. Economy Lodging
A person with a refined taste for food and wine. Epicurean
Large shows, open to the public, that highlight a particular type of product or service. Such shows give manufacturers and service providers a chance to display their offerings to many people at a single event. Expositions
Employees who serve guests directly. _______ positions include managers, assistant managers, banquet managers, dining room managers, maître d's, hosts/hostesses, cashiers, bar staff, serving staff, and busers. Front of the House
Properties that cater to travelers in search of a wide range of conveniences. They offer larger rooms and well-trained staff and feature amenities such as swimming pools, room service, fitness centers, or services for business travelers. Full-Service Properties
A lover of fine food and drink. Gourmet
Associations of people with similar interests or professions. Guilds
An elaborate and refined system of food preparation. Haute Cuisine
The services that people use and receive when they are away from home. This includes, among other services, restaurants and hotels. Hospitality
A system that assigns certain responsibilities to kitchen staff. Developed by Georges August Escoffier. Kitchen Brigade System
Private clubs for the ancient Greeks that offered food to members. Lesche
Hotels that offer top-of-the-line comfort and elegance. While often defined as part of the full-service sector, luxury hotels take service and amenities to new heights of excellence. Luxury properties
A rating system better known in Europe than the United States, but it has recently begun rating organizations in the United States and elsewhere. Restaurants are rated from one to three stars. Michelin Guide
These fall somewhere between the full-service and economy sectors. They are designed for travelers who want comfortable, moderately-priced accommodations. Also known as tourist-class properties. Mid-Priced Facilities
A major American rating resource. The _____________ rate thousands of properties with a five-star system. Mobil Travel Guide
Typically either structures built to memorialize something or someone, or structures recognized for their historical significance. Monuments
Process of making milk safer to drink by heating it to a certain temperature to destroy harmful bacteria. Named for Louis Pasteur. Pasteurization
Establishments that catered to travelers, traders, and visiting diplomats in ancient Greece. Phatnai
These systems allow servers to enter orders and prompts for other order information. POS System
This technology can serve a variety of functions by which managers and staff can improve guest experiences, such as scheduling, database maintenance, accounting, and sales. PMS System

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