Who is the person that says During adulthood, thinking extends beyond “logic to include practical experience, moral judgments and values.”
Intelligence is applied to specific situations involving the attainment of long-term goals regarding careers, family, and societal contribution is what stage
Achieving Stage
Essentially all of Piaget falls under this stage
Acquisitive Stage
major concerns of middle-aged adults relate to their personal situations, including protecting and nourishing their spouses, families, and careers
Responsibility Stage
people take a broader perspective than earlier, including focusing more on concerns about the world
Executive Stage
people no longer focus on acquiring knowledge to solve potential problems, but rather focus on acquiring information directed toward issues of personal interest.
Reintegrative Stage
All children pass through four universal stages in a fixed order:
Systematic, meaningful arrangement of symbols, and provides the basis for communication
Basics sounds of a language that are combined to form words
Smallest language unit that has meaning
Ways that words and phrases are combined to form sentences
Rules that govern the meaning of words and sentences
of language related to communicating effectively and appropriately with others
ability to solve new problems, use logic in new situations, and identify patterns
Fluid Intelligence
ability to use learned knowledge and experience
Crystal Intelligence