This type of vowel is difficult for many students. It involves relaxed facial muscles.
In this type of consonant, the breath is stopped and released.
In this type of consonant, the breath is constricted but not stopped.
This kind of consonant involves breath being released through the nose.
This kind of vowel is pronounced with muscle tension.
This is the practice of connecting the end of one word with the beginning of the next word.
This is the fall and rise of the pitch of the voice.
This is a menaingful group of words that makes ideas clear for listeners.
Thought group
This is one category of words that receives stress in a sentence.
This is the most important word in a thought group.
focus word
Inwords with two or more syllables, one sullable is stronger than the others. That syllable has primary ______________.
Phrasal verbs usually have word stress on the ___________.

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