'When someone made a low, steady sound like a bee, they.....?'
When someone trembles, as a result of fear or disgust. They....?
When you secretly observe someone doing something. You are.... on them?
You give something a voice i.e. talk about it
Barriers or wooden structures
When you talked about something, spread a rumour. You .... about it?
When someone is acting strange and secretive. They are being .....?
When something is spoken or written which doesn't make sense. It's.....
A bird of prey with large eyes, facial disc, hooked beak and typically makes a loud hooting call
If you mimed an action you ...... to do it
A quantity of something, total in number
When you put something forward for consideration, you .... something
Someone has a view/ judgement formed about something. They have an .....
In a fight as sport or to struggle with a problem
Stretching your body or neck so as to see something
When you reach the end of the journey, you have .....
Name of a strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip - usually done by men
What is the name for a person living next door to you?

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