how many drivers per policy?
Our definition of a partner is someone that the policyholder has been ...... with (as if they are married or in a civil partnership) for at least six months.
What is our minimuma age for a driver on a new policy?
If a poliocyholder is under 25 who cant they add to a policy?
An inexperienced driver is a driver with a provisional licence or who has held a full UK or EU licence for less than how many months.
How many thousand miles can we cover?
If a driver cannot work due to a disability; this should not be recorded as ........, but ‘not working due to disability’
How many years do we record convictions?
When can we cover a non motoring criminal conviction?
Adjusted driver age takes in to account fault claims and what else?
How many years must a person be resident in the UK to take out a policy withn AXA?
A policyholder must live in England Scotland and where else to tale out a policy with AXA?
How many Classes of Use do we offer?
If a policy holder works in the motor trade they can only add who to their policy?
Spouse or PARTNER
What class of use does a nanny require on her policy?
Where can a policy holder see if they have DOC?
Who is entitled to DOC?
DOC is restricted by age, lincence and what else?
What customer category are most of our customers?
Si9x years are reduced on a driving age for which type of conviction?
Under which section of the schedule do the name of all drivers appear on the schedule?

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