The original price paid for an asset, plus or minus certain adjustments
Cost Basis
Shares purchased after the applicable effective date as deemed by the IRS
Covered Shares
Shares purchased prior to January 1, 2011 or their effective date as deemed by the IRS
Non Covered Shares
The method used to calculate the cost of each share
Cost Basis Method
The method used to determine which shares are depleted when shares are sold or transferred
Disposal Method
Generally non-retirement brokerage accounts that receive IRS Form 1099
Taxable Account
Retirement or other tax-exempt accounts
Non Taxable Account
Provide high quality responses to cost basis and tax inquiries from internal reps and end clients
Tax and Cost Basis Phones
Research and adjustments of cost basis details that result in reportable transactions on the tax forms
Cost Basis Processing
Provide support for the electronic and paper transmission of cost basis information
Basis Transfers
Evaluate phone and processing interactions to ensure the highest level of quality
When a customer transfers shares into Fidelity from an outside brokerage firm, the sending broker often transmits cost basis information to Fidelity
Customer Responsibility
The cost basis team processes requests that are too large for entry by customers, PI phone representatives, IWS advisors, and NF correspondents
Service Requests
This reflects the quantity of shares in the tax lot
Lot Quantity
This is the date the shares were acquired
Holding Period Date
Available for PI customers on and typically the easiest and most consistent format for receiving customer provided basis
Cost Basis Update Form
Lengthy image attachments that are in a spreadsheet form may be converted to an excel spreadsheet using a special software
Allows you to add each lot in columns A through C
Average Cost Converter
The mainframe system that is used when needing to review account information
Used to locate the account owners, registration type, establishment date, and other details
Used to review 18 months of historical transaction details
Used to view positions currently held
The place where cost basis information is stored
Displays financial events affecting the cost basis of the position
FE Summary
Displays events that affect CB of the position and can be used to find share quantity or position basis at a certain point in time
Position Detail
These accounts represent an older record keeping system used to track Fidelity Funds
Request to research mutual funds
Fid Fund Research
A request to research any other security
Brokerage Research
These accounts are similar to brokerage accounts in that they can hold multiple securities, but they are entirely made-up of Fidelity Funds
You can search a SAS account directly in TASView by changing the Query Type to this