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Skeletal system Crossword

Skeletal system  Crossword

heel bone
larger bone of the lower leg
Movable bone of the skull
stationary bone of the lower arm
largest bone in the body
Collar bone
Bone of the fingers and toes
Forehead bone
smaller bone of the lower leg
Temple bone in cranium
lower back of the vertebrae
Knee cap
shoulder blade
cheek and the outer side of the eye socket
several tubular bones between the wrist (carpal) bones
Fused bones of the lower vertebrae
inside part of the hips
eight bones of the wrist that form the articulation of the forearm with the hand.
cluster of seven articulating bones in each foot
Most Superior part of the vertebrae
the five long bones found in each foot
tail bone
Ribs part of the vertebrae
uppermost and largest part of the hip bone
the breastbone
Upper arm bone

Muscles - Arm, Forearm, Leg, Hip, and Thigh Crossword


attaches to shoulder girdle and radial tuberosity and allows you to flex your forearm
deep to brachii and biceps and allows elbow flexion by lifting the ulna as the biceps lifts the radius
attaches to humerus and digits and its function is to extend the wrist joint
location/structure; runs straight down the thigh (middle), only muscle that crosses the hip, function; helps with thigh flexion-extending the knee and flexing the hip
aka tailor's muscle, longest muscle in the body, helps to flex and rotate your hip and flex your knee ex. Sit with on leg crossed over the other then it would be in action; anterior compartment of thigh- runs from hip flexor and over the knee joint
function; assists with extending knee joint and stabilizing the patella, attaches to outer border of the patella, location/structure; on lateral side of the thigh, largest muscle of the quadriceps
a large fan-shaped muscle located in the posterior hip, extending from the ilium to the proximal femur. is the prime mover of abduction at hip joint.
is a thick fleshy muscle with a quadrangular shape. It is a large muscle and plays a prominent role in the maintenance of keeping the upper body erect
a muscle of the posterior compartment of the thigh, and lies in the posterolateral aspect The primary function is flexion of the knee
calf muscle

Skeletal System Crossword

Skeletal System Crossword

What is the bone in your head called?
What is the main function of the rib cage?
What allows movement to occur when two bones meet?
Where does blood production take place?
What attaches to the skeleton to also aid movement?
The structural shape determines the what of a person?
What is the largest bone in the body called?
What bones are in our fingers?
What connects bone to bone?
What is the funny bone's anatomical name?



without purpose or direction
a personal belief or judgment
round one's back by bending forward
requiring immediate action
one takes part in an armed, violent uprising against an authority or government
found at various locations rather than all together
move hurriedly
turn sharply; change direction abruptly
a state of physical or nervous strain
extreme and violent energy
be all around someone or something
discontinue an association or relation; go different ways
to move toward
bright with a steady shining
to break down
express opposition through action or words
worried and uneasy; constant activity or motion
foggy or misty
an assertion of a right, as to money or property
draw back; make a quick, nervous movement in reaction to fear, pain, or surprise
the state of being unsure of something

Axial Skeleton Crossword


Skull bones are joined by
Only structure attached by a freely moveable joint
Protects the brain
Opening in the occipital bone
fibrous membranes connecting the cranial bones
2 bones that form the upper jaw
Lower jaw
Forms bridge of nose
2 cheek bones
Smallest bones in the face.
Curvature where you find the Sacrum
Curvature where you find L1-L5
Curvature where you find T1-T12
Curvature where you find C1-C7
Forms a cage to protect major organs (heart, lungs)
Ribs that connect directly to the sternum
Ribs that attach to the sternum by a common cartilage
Ribs that do not attach to the sternum
Flat, blade-shaped bone
Inferior and smallest portion of sternum

Rad Tech Week 2021 Crossword


We wear these for protection
Requires part 1 and part 2
Our Angel
Dr Wilhelm ____________
Our suits of armour
Performed with SLP
Fearless Leader
Exam performed for parotid stones
A Barium Throne
Our first digital room
Raised part on a bone where muscle is attached
Our governing body
An unwanted foreign object or visualization on your image-something that should not be there

Visual Arts Crossword


What is a mark which connects two points on a 2-dimentional surface
What lines are graceful, soft, organic, and growing
What lines are harsh, geometric, and mechanical
What adds value to the illusion of 3 dimensions on a 2-Dimensional service
Something you can feel whether it is rough or smooth to the touch. This is called “tactile”.
In a two-dimensional work of art, artists create a sense of three-dimensional space and depth using perspective
The need to have all parts of an artwork in exactly the same in weight
This can be the focal point of the artwork. It is an important part in the artwork. It is closely related to proportion, scale, and perspective
This is another principle artists can use to emphasis, to provide variety and interest, or to create a certain feeling in the work
What in art can be defined as the relation based on size between parts or objects within a composition

Rabbity Crosword Crossword

Rabbity Crosword  Crossword

Smallest rabbit in New Zealand
How many teeth does a rabbit have
How many dew claws does a rabbit have
how many eyelids does a rabbit have
What breed has a long coat
What is a male rabbit called
The physical state of the rabbit with reference to health
Excessive fat or looseness of the pelt
The hindquarters of a rabbit
The birth of a litter
The white mark on the hind feet of a Dutch
Which breed in NZ, only comes in white
Minimum number of hops for a rabbit in it's permanent home
A rabbit can look dead when it's
Pine cones can be used as
To cool a rabbit down you wet it's
Clover can give rabbits
Two spots at the root of the ears in some colour patterns
Slim, trim, alert
What colour is a rabbit when the ears, nose, feet & tail are black & the body is white
A colour of a Flemish Giant
What are the smellers on a rabbit
You give lots each day to your rabbit and its very dry
What breed has tuffs of fur on their ears
To scent and mark things, a rabbit does what
Longer and stranger hairs found in a coat are called
B.I.S is

Nervous System Crossword

Nervous System Crossword

What is the gap between neurons called?
The ____ system interacts with and controls all the other organ systems in the body
Main control center of the body, includes brain and spine.
Nervous System vital organ
Main communication between brain and the rest of the body
Nervous System that receives information from the environment and transmits commands to organs and glands
Cluster of nerve cell bodies
Tissues of the nervous system
Provide structural support and protect neurons
Cells of the nervous system
Neurons are made up of three parts: Cell Body, Dendrites, and ____
Type of neuron that transmits impulses from sensory organ to CNS
Type of neuron that transmits impulses from PNS to CNS
Type of neuron that transmits impulse from CNS to muscles and glands
Sensory organ that uses electromagnetic receptors
Chemical signals that carry messages across synapse

Dental Health Crossword!


The practice of keeping one's mouth clean and free of disease and other problems (2 words, but write it with no space)
The thin, tough shell that acts as the outer covering of a tooth and is the hardest tissue in the human body
A sticky film of bacteria that forms on our teeth
Damage to a tooth's enamel due to attacking acids that bacteria in our mouth make (2 words, but write it with no space)
A mineral found in milk, yoghurt and cheese and helps promote strong teeth and bones
A mineral found in eggs, fish, lean meat and dairy which is good for strong teeth
A vitamin which promotes gum health, is found in citrus fruits but is quite acidic, so can weaken the enamel
A vitamin which helps calcium be absorbed into the body and can be gained from sunlight, oily fish and fortified foods
A mineral that teams up with calcium and phosphate to create a defence system in the enamel and is found in baked potatoes and UK tap water
A carbohydrate that is often added to processed foods, and leads to plaque on the teeth
A drink that helps cleanse the mouth and neutralise plaque acids
Who should take care in looking after their teeth, brush twice a day and floss and visit the dentist regularly?