OZ Principles of Accountabillity Word Search
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Doing the things I say I'll do
Taking the necessary risks
Learning from both success
Being personally invested
Obtaining the perspective
Hearing the hard things
Staying above the line
Acting on the feedback
Asking for feedback
Open communication
What else can I do
Tracking progress
Key results
Solve It
See It
Own It
Do It

Ecological Succession Crossword

Ecological Succession Crossword

Living things in the ecosystem
Groups of organisms at progressive levels
Non-living factors including temperature, water, sunlight, wind, rocks and soil
Taxonomic group whose members can interbreed
Any living thing
Where do plants and animals naturally live and stay?
A close relationship; one species benefits, the other doesn't benefit but isn't harmed
A close relationship; both species benefit
Autotrophs convert light energy into chemical energy is called what?
Organisms that take in food material and are above producers on the energy pyramid is a what?

Career Crossword

Career  Crossword

an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.
the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.
a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep
series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. "I had a recurrent dream about falling from great heights"
understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupations".
a project or undertaking, especially a bold or complex one.
the action of exploring an unfamiliar area.
a break or hole in an object or between two objects.
the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.
the ability to assess and initiate things independently.
a paid position of regular employment.
an act of travelling from one place to another.
knowledge acquired through study, experience, or being taught
a job or profession.
the action of organizing something.
the process of making plans for something.
the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.
management of or by oneself; the taking of responsibility for one's own behaviour and well-being.
the ability to do something well; expertise.

Growth Mindset Characteristics Word Search

Growth Mindset Characteristics Word Search
Word Search

desire to learn new things
inspired by others success
sees feedback as positive
learns from mistakes
effort is everything
overcomes obstacles
doesnt blame others
not afraid to fail
trains their brain
Embraces challenge
positive attitude
takes their time
works to improve
uses strategies
keeps trying

Social Skills Crossword

Social Skills Crossword

Back and forth conversation- like a tennis match
The thing that you do to make your appearance neat and clean
View of someone of something
Where you go to get the job done
It is important to do this when working on a team
The limits
Information to help you improve
Meet each other halfway
What your face says
Communicating with no words
Speaking up for yourself to get what you want or need
Acting in a way that respects others and your job
Adjusting to changes
Combined effort, communication is key!
Feeling anxious or being upset by something or someone

Collaboration Word Search

Collaboration Word Search
Word Search


Unit 6: Introduction to Investing Crossword

Unit 6: Introduction to Investing Crossword

Investment contracts in which the investor exchanges a sum of money for a series of payments over time.
A loan to a company to finance a wide array of business purposes—from short-term inventory financing to long-term investments in equipment.
A method of interest payment. This is calculated by adding the interest earned by the investment to the previously earned interest. Each time interest is added to your savings the next interest amount is compounded on the new balance.
A combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses that fall under one corporate structure.
Regularly purchasing stocks or mutual funds, whether they are high or low, by investing a constant dollar amount so that over the long term the high and low prices of the investment products average out.
An employer-sponsored retirement plan that allows a worker to save for retirement while deferring income taxes on the saved money and earnings until withdrawal.
A riskier type of investment with a higher potential for return. Examples include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
Subject to fast, extreme changes in price or value.
Planning investments and other transactions to match the money and other assets available to an individual over time to the ways in which they want to spend those assets, including personal consumption, charitable donations, support for family members, and gifts.
A legal relationship in which one person or company holds property, which can include money, real estate, stocks, bonds, collections, automobiles, and personal possessions for the benefit of another.
Accounts that can receive and hold funds for a specific purpose such as retirement, college tuition, or medical expenses. If these accounts are established according to federal tax rules, the owner of the account will not have to pay income taxes on the money placed in them until it is withdrawn
The rule is a simplified way to determine how long an investment will take to double, given a fixed annual rate of interest. By dividing 72 by the annual rate of return, investors can get a rough estimate of how many years it will take for the initial investment to duplicate itself.
The chance that the rate of return on an investment will be different from what you expected.
Accounts that permit individuals to save and invest funds without paying taxes on the income from the investment as long as the proceeds are eventually applied to legitimate educational expenses at an accredited institution.
The strategy of pursuing an assortment of investments to minimize the effects of risk and volatility.
Helping individuals or a family determine in advance what will happen to their money and other assets after the death of one or more individuals in the family.
Describing a future financial goal and computing the kinds of income, savings, and investment that will be necessary to achieve the financial goal.
A safer type of investment with a lower potential for return but that provides regular incomes to investors. Examples include savings accounts and certificates of deposit.
The percentage return on an investment over a set time period, usually a year.
The original amount of money a person invests (as opposed to interest).
The amount of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested, usually expressed as an annual percentage.
Anticipating a desired or necessary future income after retirement and then creating a plan for the amount of savings and investment needed to create that future income.
A company whose main business is holding securities of other companies purely for investment purposes. The investment company invests money on behalf of shareholders who in turn share in the profits and losses.
The ease with which an investment can be converted into cash.

My girlfriend Crossword

My girlfriend  Crossword

Who is my favorite person?
What do you and a flower have in common?
What will your last name be very soon?
What word describes your appearance?
Where did we first spot one another?
What month did we make it official?
How long will be together?
What are you to me?
One word to describe our relationship?
What's one thing I'll do for you?
What's one thing I like the most about you ?
What's the best gift you've ever given me?
If I could share one thing with you it would be?

Customer Service Crossword

Customer Service Crossword

The ____ before the storm
settlement of differences
Greet every customer with a ____
The transfer of informaton
What is a friendly relationship
she was full of good ____
There is no I in
Lend a hand
Hear with intention
Someone who pays for goods or services
The act of giving hope or support to someone
To accept or tolerate delay
to solve a problem you find a ______
to provide
to recieve input on one's opinion or experience
very concerned about the needs of others

Financial Literacy Terms Crossword

Financial Literacy Terms Crossword

one who takes risk and initiative to set up their own business
tax paid on business profits
amount of pay you ear before any deductions are made
these are taken away from the tax amount you owe
the principle states that you cannot make a profit from insurance
amount of pay you take home after all deductions
an entrepreneur must be will to take this in order to set up a business
this principle state that you must tell the whole truth when applying for insurance
this type of checking account pay customers interest
to designate oneself as the payee by signing a check
a written order used to tell a bank to pay money from an account to a check holder
Electronic Funds Transfer
a check written to this person
not enough money in the account to cover the check
this type of account one person can make withdrawals
this type of account are owed by more than one person
things that are necessary
things you would like to have
when you set money aside for a "rainy day"
The amount of money you allocate to pay for items
everything you need, want or do requires what
when you take money out of your bank account
the amount of money you have available in your account
person identification number
check returned to drawer's account and funds are withdrawn

Recovery Crossword

Recovery Crossword

build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed
the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity
the release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision
a deeply distressing or disturbing experience
something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others
the act or manner or an instance of treating someone or something
a species of matter of definite chemical composition
the action of stopping something from happening or arising
obtain possession or use of (something) again after losing it
the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness
treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder
to fall or slip back into a former state, practice, etc
a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger
a substance used for medical treatment
the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result
chemical analysis of urine
an assertion that something said, believed, alleged, etc., is false
the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility
manner of behaving or conducting oneself
the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected
the act or instance of making or becoming different
the process of taking care of children until they are old enough to take care of themselves : the things that parents do to raise a child
something that causes something else to happen
to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially successfully or in a calm or adequate manner
something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or bounding line