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Georgia Government Vocabulary Crossword


Georgia's lawmaking branch, which is in charge of creating, debating and determining the laws that guide the state.
Georgia’s legislature which is made up of the Georgia Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives.
the process through which a legislative body prepares and enacts laws through its lawmaking process.
the head of the majority party in a legislative body
the head of the minority party in a legislative body
the primary leader of the House of Representatives in the General Assembly
a committee created for a specific, pressing cause
a committee that exists on a permanent basis in charge of reviewing and refining legislative measures that come under the subject area of the committee
money paid by citizens that go to the Georgia state government
funds collected from taxes on income, profit, sales, and property.
A branch in Georgia in which the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary for State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer are responsible for enforcing and carrying out laws
the elected executive head of a state of Georgia
the executive official of a state who follows the governor in rank and assumes their position in the event of infirmity or death.
a legal officer who represents Georgia in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government.
the leading judge in Georgia’s Supreme Court
the body of laws in Georgia regulating ordinary private matters
the highest court in the Judicial Branch in Georgia
a legal system focused with punishing individuals who commit crimes
A branch in Georgia responsible for interpreting laws
a court of appeals that deals with less serious criminal offenses
a court with wide authority over the territory of a specific state
those serving on the Supreme Court of Georgia
a judicial procedure in which a case from a lower court is taken to a higher court for review of a lower court’s
a court that is part of the Georgian judicial system and is responsible for hearing and evaluating legal appeals
A court of appeals reviews appeals from district courts within its circuit on objections to district court rulings.

Law Ed Unit 1 Crossword


Number of Justices on the Supreme Court
highest court in the land
What does the Executive branch do to approve a law after it passes both houses of congress?
What branch of government writes laws?
the study of law and legal philosophy
laws that regulate public conduct and set out duties owed to society
laws that regulate relations between individuals or groups of people
criminal offenses that have a penalty of a term of more than one year in prison
criminal offenses that have a penalty of a term of less than one year in prison
the level of proof required to convict a person of a crime
lawsuit that can be brought by a person who feels wronged or injured by another person
the person accused of committing a crime
the person or company harmed in a civil case
the government’s attorney in a criminal case
The power of government is split between state and national governments
Each branch of government prevents the others from becoming too powerful.

Criminal Justice Word Search

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crime scene

AP Gov CAP Crossword

AP Gov CAP Crossword

An official currently holding office
A person being sued
Powers directly given to the federal government in the Constitution
A group of people who listen to a case and decide whether the person accused is guilty or not
Government charges an elected official (usually the president) with a crime
Written statements that wrongfully damage another's reputation
Person who is employed by a corporation to try to influence policy decisions
Handing out government jobs to people who belong to the winning political party
Judicial use of prior cases as the standard for deciding similar cases
Procedure followed by the states to approve Constitutional amendments
Established by Marbury v Madison
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Group of people sharing a common interest that seeks to influence public policy
Presidential rejection of a bill
Guaranteed by the bill of rights
Lowest level of federal courts
Right to bear arms
Theory that the government is run by a small number of wealthy individuals
Court case that established right to privacy
State legislatures create oddly shaped congressional districts that favor the party in power

Crime and Law - burglary Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something.
informal term for British police
money or present given to someone to do something for you
person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
crime of stealing someone's car while they are using it
work people do to help others without being paid - COMMUNITY
uncomplimentary term for policeman in the United States
a public building in which courts of law are held
a room in which the legal proceedings of a court are held
sentence of punishment by execution DEATH
person against whom an action or claim is brought in court of law
physical abuse toward your spouse or domestic partner DOMESITC
driving a vehicle after drinking too much DRUNK
selling drugs DRUG
special chair used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity ELECTRIC

Crime and Law 1 Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something b
an informal term for a British policeman
money or a present that you give to someone so that they will do something for you, usually something dishonest
a person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
the crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
uncomplimentary terms for a policeman, especially in the USA
a public building in which courts of law are held
a sentence of punishment by execution
a person against whom an action or claim is brought in a court of law
violence, or physical abuse directed toward a spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against women
driving a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol
selling drugs
a special chair which is used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity

Escape from Alcatraz Crossword


Collection of weapons
a device that contains a bag that releases air when squeezed
a fortress that protects an area of land
a fine-toothed saw used for cutting metal
a type of heated metal used to join together two pieces of metal
a serious usually violent crime that is punishable by a prison sentence
an appliance or aperture for ventilating a room or other spaces
a person found guilty of a criminal offense and serving a sentence of imprisonment
take over something and use it for a different purpose
a enclosed cage that ran around the perimeter of Alcatraz, where an armed guard would patrol
someone who helps someone else commit a crime
a small instrument played by stretching and squeezing between hand similar to a accordion and harmonica
Organize and carry out
carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of something so as to establish the truth

The character autopsy of Austin Makhubela Crossword


Synonym for dependable
Word for having a desire to be successful
Another word for hard-working
Eager to learn
Word to describe someone who is open to new ideas and arguments
Word to describe a person that gives openly
Term used to describe a quick-witted person
Term for a person that's able to tolerate events without becoming anxious or annoyed
Person that fits all these qualities
Synonym for authentic

Trial Vocab Crossword

Trial Vocab Crossword

A person who practices law
An officer who is in charge of maintaining order in a court of law
The final statements by an attorney to jury, summarizing the evidence, and arguing what the evidence has or has not established
To prove that someone is guilty as a matter of law
A case in which the State is the plaintiff and in which the defendant is a person charged with having committed a crime
To question a witness called by the opposing side, or a hostile or other adversarial witness called by a party
A person against whom a criminal charge or civil claim is brought in a court of law
The act of jurors talking to each other and coming to a decision on the charges or crimes of a trial
Something that gives proof of a contested fact
The presiding member of a jury who speaks or answers for the jury
Having been convicted by a jury of having done something wrong
A formal charge of criminal wrongdoing which must later be proved at trial beyond a reasonable doubt before a defendant may be convicted
Not guilty of a crime or fault
Acting in a way that fails to conform with a specific standard of conduct, thereby putting others at risk for injury
A lawyer’s protest about the legal propriety of a question which has been asked of a witness by the opposing attorney, with the purpose of making the trial judge decide if the question can be asked
Summary of nature of case and of anticipated proof presented by counsel to jury at the start of a trial
In trial practice, for a Judge to disagree that an attorney’s objection, as to a question, is valid
The person who brings a civil lawsuit, or in the case of a criminal case, the State or Federal government
The name of the public officer who is appointed or elected in each judicial district, circuit, or county, to conduct criminal prosecutions on behalf of the State or people
The questioning of a witness who has already provided testimony under oath in response to direct examination
In trial practice, for a judge to agree that an attorney’s objection, as to a question, is valid
To give evidence under oath
The decision made by a jury at the end of the trial
A form given to the Jury Foreperson on which to write the decision that is made by the jury at the closing of a trial
The name given to that part of the trial when the court and parties attempt to seat a fair and impartial jury
Someone who is called to testify before a court of law

Democracy Crossword


something that grants you rights and freedoms in your area
the duty to do something because you have been blamed/accused for something that wasn’t right, whether an apology or something else.
being able to do something without being judged or accused of wrongdoing.
a legal entitlement or allowance to do something, a right can also have some responsibilities if you do something bad.
a person who has control of the people in a area
the type of government that controls country
the type of government that controls a city/town
the type of government where one person possesses all the power
a system of government that is run by elected representatives that are voted by the people in the area.
a system of government where a group of people have power, the people are usually rich or well known.
a session that is used to vote for representatives to run for the government
the choosing of a choice that you prefer over the other
the party that cares most about environment
the party that is lead by jagmeet singh
the party that is lead erin o’ toole
the party that’s leader runs for prime minister
a political system where people work together to manage the country and parts of the country.
where a party that almost was elected helps to make laws, for example the conservatives will argue with the prime minister's party and will be like an opposite opinion type of group, but they can also agree or add to stances.
someone who helps manage a country, they can be classified as a head of state, and is usually a queen, king, or emperor
a person nominated for an election, whether being municipal, provincial, federal.