This resulted in the "Trail of Tears" and nearly fifty thousand Indians relocating west of the Mississippi River.
This was argued to be the way Indians should be helped; they would become assimilated into American society.
This was essentially an Indian version of the original Homestead Act.
This yielded more than $300 million in shafts that reached hundreds of feet into the mountain.
This allowed any head of household, or individual over 21, to receive a parcel of 160 acres for only a nominal filing fee.
This was pivotal in helping settlers move west more quickly, as well as moving their farm products, and later cattle and mining deposits, back east.
The nation's first transcontinental railroad was completed when the two companies connected their tracks here.
This is the name for the several thousand African Americans who migrated west following the Civil War to escape the racism and violence of the Old South.
This phrase came to stand for the idea that white Americans had a calling and a duty to seize and settle the American West with Protestant democratic values.
These were large farms owned by spectators who hired laborers to work the land; they did nothing to help small family farms, which continued to struggle.
This is a frontier home constructed of dirt held together by thick-rooted prairie grass that was prevalent in the Midwest.
This resulted in members of the Seventh Cavalry of the U.S Army opening fire and killing over 150 Indians.
This was a militia raid led by Colonel Chivington on an Indian camp in Colorado, flying both the American flag and the white flag of surrender.
This was the rebel group of Hispanic Americans who fought back against the appropriation of Hispanic land by whites.
This is what mining towns were called when the ore dried up.
This created a system to set aside funds from the sale of public lands to build dams for subsequent irrigation efforts.
This prohibited the transportation of women into the US for employment as prostitutes.
This is a name that derived from the Indian tribes equating African Americans' black curly hair with that of a buffalo.
This treaty guaranteed Mexicans their right to property they held, language, religion, and culture.
This group of people was known for sifting gold out of the dirt and gravel by "panning".
This provided a quick path from Texas to railroad terminals in Abilene, Wichita, and Dodge City, Kansas.
An effect of this was opening every corner of the country to settlement and growth.
The stereotype of the American cowboy borrowed much from this group of people who had long ago settled those lands.
This iconic figure led the battle at Little Bighorn River.
A small minority of western settlers sought to make their fortunes quickly through this.

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