The presence, or the reasonably anticipated presence, of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an iteam's surface or visible debris or residues such as dust, hair and skin.
The removal of blood and all other potentially infectious materials on an iteam's surface and the removal of visble debris or residue such as dust, hair and skin.
Determination of the nature of a disease from it's system and/or diagonstic tests. Federal regulations prohibit salon professionals from preforming a diagnosis.
Spherical bacteria that grow in pairs and cause diseases such as pneumonia
Transmission of blood or body fluids throught touching (including shaking hands) , kissing, coughing, sneezing, and talking.
An abnormal condition of all or part of the body , or its system or organs, which makes the body incapable of carrying on normal function.
Chemical products approved by the EPA designed to destroy most bacteria (excluding spores), fungi, and viruses on surfaces.
Chemical process that destroys most, but not necessarily all, harmful organisms on environmental surfaces.
The ability to produce an effect.
Contact with non-intact (broken) skin, blood, body fluid , or other potentially infectious material that is the result of the preformance of an employees duties.
Slender, hair-like extensions used by bacilli and spirialla for locomotion (moving). Also reffered to cillia.
inflammation of the hair follicles caused by a bacterial infections from ingrown hairs.
Single-cell organisms that grow in irregular masses that include molds, mildews, and yeasts.
Capable of destroying fungi.
A bloodborne virus that causes disease and can damage the liver.
Disinfectants that are effective for cleaning blood and body fluids.

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