step-by-step solution
the amount left over
the sum of two addends miultiplied by a number equals the sum of the product of each abbend and that number
Distributive Property
A number that is divided by another number.
A number by which another number is to be divided.
When two or more integers are multiplied
The largest factor that two or more numbers have in common
Greatest Common Factor
The smallest multiple (other than zero) that two or more numbers have in common
Least common mulitple
When we know the original amout and size or measrure of ONE part
Measurement model of division
The number that is to be subtracted from
The product of a given whole number and an integer
A number that is the result of division
When we know the original amout and the number of part
Partitive Model of Division
Two numbers whose product is 1
Adding two or more numbers together
the number that is to be subtracted
The answer of a multiplication problem

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