We should determine how many will be riding along with the sp.
This is the first thing we should confirm on a call.
The customer will be asked for this on a callback.
Reference Number
“I can completely understand. If that happened to me I’d be really upset too. I can imagine how frustrating that must be.”
_________ surfing is not permitted during calls.
I have all of the information I need to send this fuel delivery.
Help is on the way!
Having a conversation with the customer. Listening and responding appropriately.
An exchange of information.
There are this many critical deductions.
Did we do everything to deliver an ___________ experience?
Advise the customer to do this. Also in NY/NJ.
We must advise both the customer and the service provider of this.
This must be done at least once during a call.
Three tasks, waiting more than one hour passed eta, pregnant, children, elderly, scared, sick, cold, hot.
Engage Escalate
This is the first question that should be asked for a tire change.
Accident Vandalism
Unless prefilled, this must be confirmed on every call.
Customer With Vehicle
This must be accurate to ensure we are sending the service provider to right place.
Disablement Location
I'm sitting in flood waters and my vehicle won't start.
Act of God
Vehicle won’t start and it didn’t stall while driving. This has not been attempted.
Jump Start

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