When a resident is planning to move out, this Notice need to be provided to the Leasing Office 30 days in advance.
A legally binding contract that provides parameters on what a Property Management company provides, and what a tenant is responsible for.
When a resident would like to add or remove a person from their Rental Agreement, this form needs to be signed.
When a resident causes a disturbance or damage to the property, has an unauthorized occupant, an unsightly patio, they will receive this notice.
When a resident is smoking in an nonsmoking area or has an unauthorized pet in their unit, failed to clean up waste or garbage, they will receive this notice.
If the resident receives a Notice of Violation or Notice of Noncompliance and does not cure it, or does not pay rent, they will receive this notice before being sent through the eviction process.
If a property management company is unable to renew your lease after it ends, 90 days pior to the end date this notice would be provided.
If a resident does not pay rent before the 9th of each month, or if they have signed Petition to pay rent late, they will receive this notice.
Residents can apply to be on this council that meets monthly to provide CHNW student input.
A student held position that lives in the building, organizes events and responds to After Hours Emergency calls.
This Manager takes care of the real estate, staffing and enforcing policies.
This position title is the person you signed your lease with, collects rent checks, enforces policies and can provide leasing resources.
A type of fire that should be put out with salt and not water.
A type of insurance that provides liability insurance and the tenant's personal property is covered against named perils such as fire, theft, and vandalism
When a resident would like to move before their Rental Agreement ends, they can find another student to fulfill the lease by going through this process.
This money is payed before moving into a unit, and refund 31 days after moving out, depending on the condition of the apartment.
This Law governs the rental of commercial and residential property. It is composed primarily of state statutory and common law
If this CHNW form is signed before the 9th of any given month, a Resident can pay rent late without any penalties.
When a resident is experiencing a unique situation where a CHNW policy is effecting ones ability to achieve academically, effects health or financial well being, they can fill out this form to potentially receive an accommodation.
If a student is having a one time financial issue, and is unable to pay for a months of rent, they can apply for this grant through CHNW.
CHNW requires residents to have a .....of half time enrolled, 3 out of 4 terms a year.
If something is broken in a residents unit, they can put in a ....through the tenant portal.

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