Criminal law  Crossword

An act respecting the criminal law
Something that was previously illegal
in the proposed of legislation
affects how decisions are made and policies are established
the reason for doing the act
an act of trying to achieve something
make better; improve
institute legal proceeding against
cease by legislation to treat as illegal
turn into a criminal offense by making it illegal
equal treatment of all rivals or disputants fairness
case may be prosecuted either summarily or as indictment
Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law
another word to call it is indictment
Yelling or harassment
as opposed to the mental state of the accused
lack of regard for the danger or consequences of one's actions
Sometimes called ignorance of law
a person who incites or assists someone to commit a crime
help, assist, or support in the achievement of something
a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful
encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong to commit a crime or other offense

Judical & Juvenile Crossword

Judical & Juvenile Crossword

Illegal violation of the law
A legal dispute between citizens (hint: divorce)
A serious crime with severe punishments
A less serious crime with a smaller punishment
A crime that can lead to the death penalty
Person who is the "wrond-doer" in a case that has the right to testify to defend themselves
A person who is arguing against someone in a civil or criminal case
The amount of time a judge serves
There is a judge and jury in this court
Only a judge, no jury in this court
Act that would be a crime if committed by an adult (example: burglary)
Act that would not be a crime if committed by an adult (example:smoking)
Determines if enough evidence exists to indict a person
Citizens whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence of a person charged with a crime
Courts make sure that everyone is protected from abuse by the government
A citizen under the age of 17
The state's highest court
Second highest ranking court
A trial by one's peers

Juvenile Court System Crossword

Juvenile Court System Crossword

Serious crime like murder
Person accused of committing a crime and goes in front of jury or judge
Less serious crime like assault
When a person is detained
To make a record of arrest
Suspect enters a plea, if guilty, goes straight to sentencing
Process of negotiation, may plead guilty for lesser sentence
A child that is less than 17 years old
An offense that would not be a crime if committed by an adult
Committing a crime
A legal proceeding where an issue of law or fact is tried and evidence is presented to help determine the issue
A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime
A body of people (typically twelve in number) sworn to give a verdict in a legal case on the basis of evidence submitted to them in court
A decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case
Declare the punishment decided for an offender

Legal terms Crossword

Legal terms Crossword

_____ law is for disputes between individuals
________ law is for wrongs committed against the state
lying in court while under oath
Mens ____ the mental element of a crime (2)
Actus ______ the physical element of a crime (2)
the party being sued in a lawsuit
the party suing someone else in a lawsuit
compensation paid to a successful litigant
a previous legal decision that courts rely on to make future decisions
one of the words in ADR
a written statement under oath
when a higher court reviews the judgement of a lower court trial
a formal accusation of a serious crime
money given to the court to ensure that the defendant will return to face trial
_______________ law, used in English Canada, has been developed through case decisions by judges, not by legislation
____________ claim: when the defendant in a civil action sues the plaintiff right back
_____________ judgements are made if the defendant in a civil action doesn't appear for the trial
a formal meeting before a lawsuit begins in order to disclose information or facts
to collect money or property via a court order
testimony given by a witness who tells second hand information, generally not allowed
Habeas __________ a court order used to bring a person physically before a court in order to see if there is enough evidence to proceed to criminal trial
a court order to stop doing, or to start doing, a specific act
a resolution process where an impartial third party assists to voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable settlement
release from incarceration after serving part of a sentence
temporarily, or indefinitely, stopping a judicial proceeding
a civil injury or wrong to someone else
_____________ damages: compensation for future lost earnings, or pain and suffering
_____________ damages are compensation for lost wages or expenses before a civil trial begins
an order to appear in court to testify as a witness

criminal justice Crossword

criminal justice Crossword

violation of the criminal laws of state, the federal gov't or a local jurisdiction.
the principle of fairness, righteous, truthful.
justice in terms of the distribution of privileges within a society.
society taking precedence over individual rights
civil law
criminal law
the systems opponents work together to achieve social product
assumes that the components function to serve their own interests.
oppurtunity for bail
information is gathered
issue written by a judicial officer directing law enforcement
money; getting released
written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury
the first appearance of the defendant before the court
criminal proceeding, the examination in court of the issue
served with other sentence
served at the same time
scientific studies of causes and prevention of crime
written accusation submitted by prosecutor

criminal justice Crossword

criminal justice Crossword

training center for future policemen
community based corrections status
Unable to appreciate the nature of the charges against oneself and unable to assist one's attorney
Group that reviews the sentences of prisoners, the board of _________
theory that punishment causes people to avoid committing crime
release without bail
Latin for what comes next? Quo ______
crime punishable by prison time
place of short term confinement
order allowing search or arrest
questioning a potential witness or juror to determine qualification to serve. Voir ______
crime punishable by time in jail
go to a higher court to review the judgement
charging document
plea that results in punishment
jury finding of innocence
Warning to suspect before custodial interrogation
courtroom ____________group. Part of informal justice system
culpable mental state, mens _________
criminal act, actus ___________
Intentional killing of another human being
reckless killing of another human being
finder of fact in a non-bench trial
determiner of law
the tendency to return to a life of crime
rule that makes evidence not admissible because of police misconduct
place for felons
taking of one into custody
money posted to guarantee appearance in court

Criminal Justice Vocabulary Terms Crossword

Criminal Justice Vocabulary Terms Crossword

A finding of not guilty by a judge or jury.
The loser at a trial asks a higher court to rule the trial judge made an error. The result may be the trial court is affirmed (the winner still wins), reversed (the loser now wins), or reversed and remanded (trial court has more work to do and has to follow the rule of law established by the appeals court).
______ ____________is the details; taking the time to make sure all of the details have been examined. For example, when processing a crime scene, officers should use ______ ___________ to ensure all components of the crime scene have been examined.
If something has _____________ value in a case, then it is an item that can be used to prove guilt or innocence of a subject. In addition, items that have ________value show a crime did in fact take place. If an item does not have _____________value, then it is an item that has been ruled out from assisting in an investigation.
A crime with a lower penalty than a felony.
During an arraignment, it’s a defendant's plea of ______ _________, not admitting to the guilt of the crime, but paying the penalty for it.
An inmate's early release from prison upon good behavior, as well as meeting conditions throughout the early release.
a group (3 or more) of individuals who conspire and act out activities that our justice system deems illegal.
Crimes at a level charged higher than a Misdemeanor
A Defendant's voluntary guilty plea to an offense charge, for a lesser sentence.
Government action against an accused person's criminal conduct.
Re-offending [to do the same crime twice]
an order to appear in court.
someone who takes the law into their own hands, ignoring the criminal justice process.
The individual that the charges are against.
It is the physical action of the criminal act.
________ __________are required whenever you are interrogating someone who is in police custody (arrested/detained) about a crime. It is important to note you do not have to read someone their _______ ________ if you are gathering initial information. However, once you start asking crime specific or detailed questions, then the ___________ ___________ has to be read.
A defense to a criminal act that purports the defendant was somewhere other than the place of the crime at the time the crime occurred.
a category of crime that consists of setting a fire with the intent of causing some type of harm (excludes accidental fires).
A sufficient reason based upon known facts to believe a crime has been committed or that certain property is connected with a crime.
This amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.
This Amendment protects the freedom of speech, religion, press, and peaceful protest.
This Amendment protects an individuals right of self incrimination.
Alternative to imprisonment where a person can stay in the community with supervision
The use or threat of violence directed at people or governments to punish them for past action or to bring about a change of policy that is to the terrorist's liking
The killing of one person by another, whether intentional or non intentional
Unlawful offer or attempt with force or violence to hurt another
The taking of the property of another out of his or her presence by means of force and violence or the threat thereof
Acquisition of the property of another through deception
The nighttime breaking and entering of the dwelling house of another, with the intention to commit a crime or theft therein (a felony)
The theft of property or money with which one is entrusted with or responsible for
Wrong committed by one person against other that does not require punishment, only entitles the victim to compensation
The relationship between private parties only
The relationship between the misbehaving private individual and society/government
The wronged individual in a civil case
What the plaintiff seeks to win (Money) - damages
An unintentional tort. When a person's failure to use reasonable care causes harm
Responsible for harm
Legal responsibility - the obligation to do or not do something
Oral statements that harm reputation
Someone who helps another person commit a crime
An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime
The most serious form of criminal homicide (done w/ malice)
The deliberate taking of one's own life
Statement that contains information about the elements of a crime and that is provided and attested to by a person involved in committing the crime. Can be oral or written.
That portion of a residence not open to the public. Sidewalks and alleys are open to the public. But the ________ is reserved for private use by the property owner or the family.
Questioning of an unwilling person (could be a relative or friend or suspect or even a witness) that is reluctant to give you information and that is suspected of direct or indirect involvement in the crime being investigated.
Failure to properly care for a child. Also failure to care for a property or one's actions.

Criminal and Civil Law Crossword

Criminal and Civil Law Crossword

Offense against society
offense against a person
responsibility to do or not do something
held criminally responsible for people or situations
crime punishable by confinement for more than a year
crime punishable by confinement for less than one year
unlawfully offering or giving anything of value to influence
falsely making or altering writing
misrepresenting facts
one who receives stolen property
offenses committed in the business world
wrongful taking of money or personal property
taking property from someone against their will
breaking into someone's home or car and taking items
willful and illegal burning or exploding a building
another word for blackmail
reasonable ground for belief of criminal act
legal position taken by an accused to defeat charges
use of force necessary to prevent death of self or family
freedon from prosecution even when one has committed crime
agreeing to lesser crime in exchange for dropping more serious charge
hindering the administration of justice
judgment in a civil case
element of a tort
occurs when on person intentionally puts someone in fear of harm
occurs when a person is intentionally shoved, hit, or pushed
occurs when a person is held against their will without charges
false statement that injures a person's reputation
written words that damage a person's reputation
accepting and using someone else's property as your own
engaging in activity even though is it dangerous
a court order for a person to do or not do an act
statements made by witnesses under oath

Criminal Law: Definition/Fill in the Blank Crossword

Criminal Law: Definition/Fill in the Blank Crossword

To make a behaviour that was illegal punishable only by fines.
To make an act completely legal by removing it from the Criminal Code or other criminal statute.
To pass a proposed law into legislation.
To change existing legislation (law).
To initiate and carry out a legal action.
A state of acting carelessly without regard for the consequences of one's actions
The reason for committing a certain act
An act done with the intent to commit a criminal offence but without success
An agreement between two or more people to commit an unlawful act
Assisting someone to commit a criminal offence
Encouraging or urging another person to commit a crime
The state of the mind of a person who commits an action deliberately and on purpose
To make a behaviour a criminal offence in the Criminal Code or other criminal statute.
A principle that judicial decisions should be based on objective criteria and be free from bias or conflicts or interest.
The Criminal Code is the main source of __________law in Canada.
To protect people from______.
To enforce moral standards based on the norms and beliefs of_______.
To_________order in society.
To_________property from harm.
The person must be________by the Criminal justice system for his or her actions.

Criminal Law Chapter 4 Crossword

Criminal Law Chapter 4 Crossword

The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution is called___________
A law enacted by a legislature.
A code of laws that deals with crimes and the punishments of them.
Prosecution in the same jurisdiction of a defendant for an offense for which the defendant has already been prosecutes and convicted.
Offense punishable by a sentence of more than a year in stat or federal prison and sometimes by death.
Minor criminal offense punishable by fine and/or jail time for up to one year
An offense composed of acts necessary to commit another offense.
The physical action of a criminal offense--- "guilty deed"
" Guilty mind"; intent or knowledge to break the law.
defense that involves the defendant(s) claiming not to have been at scene when committed.

Sex Offenders Word Search

Sex Offenders Word Search
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