Anyone who expresses interest in an apartment but has yet to sign
Any call regarding something that is in need of repair in the apartment or on the property grounds.
Any call that has ended Before you are able to answer.
Basic expectation that requires you to always gather name, phone and email
Call specific is apartment number
Accurate, concise, and comprehensible with correct spelling.
Any statement that is made without direct substantiation from the information provided on the interface
Location,Severity, Duration
On a maintenance call, the leasing professional uses words or phrases that validate the caller or convey a sincere understanding of the caller's experience
Relationship Management
Interaction received when the leasing professional uses professional language throughout the call, in a way that conveys respect and appreciate for the caller
Interaction received when the leasing professional makes no attempt to build value for the property
The leasing professional offers direction to the property, encourages the caller to review the website, incorporates the name of the community in the call
The leasing professional takes advantage of time based leasing specials and promotions
The leasing professional should offer this on each call unless the interface states soft close
There are this many disqualifying behaviors
The status of a work order if we are to contact maintenance
A prospect who has contacted the property before
Follow Up Lead
The community does not want leasing professional to set up a tour for the caller directly
Soft Close
When a manager or maintenance technician call to add or change something on the interface
Mentioned on each lead call when discussing pricing and availability.

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