a whole number greater than 1, whose only two whole-number factors are 1 and itself
prime number
a list of well-defined instructions or a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem
a whole number that has factors other than 1 and the number itself
composite number
states that the product of a number and a sum is equal to the sum of the individual products of the addends and the number
distributive property
the number that is divided by another number in a division operation
the quantity by which another quantity, the dividend, is to be divided
to find a number that is close to the exact answer
an integer that divides into another integer exactly
the product of a number with any integer
the multiplicative inverse of a number
the greatest number that is a factor of each of two or more given numbers
greatest common factor
the smallest nonzero number that is a common multiple of two or more numbers considered
least common multiple
another name for a reciprocal
multiplicative inverces