Skeletal System Crossword Puzzle

The joint in the elbow or the knee.
Attach muscles to bones
Supports and gives your body its shape
Has a ball and socket joint
These products are a good source of calcium.
Protects the brain
Helps to make bones hard
Muscles move the body only by this action
Food in the hollow middle of bones
Where most blood cells are made
Protects the spinal cord
A protective, cushioning material

Skeletal System Bones Crossword

Skeletal System Bones Crossword

bone in the upper arm
what protects the spinal cord
what protects the brain
what protects your lungs and heart
lower arm
other lower arm bone
holds the ribs together
rhymes with Elvis
in the thigh
in the knee
right below the knee
lower leg
jaw bone
hard like bone but more flexible
attaches bones to muscles
the official name of the collarbone
protects a growth organ in the soulder
in the neck, protects the spinal cord

muscular/skeletal crossword puzzle

muscular/skeletal crossword puzzle

flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous tissue attaching a muscle to bone
fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint
the location at which bones connect
connective tissue found in many areas of the body between bones
fibrous tissue that has gthe ability to contract producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body
tissue that connects,supports,binds, or separates other tissues or organs.
relating to the part of the stomach nearest the esophagus
relating to or functioning as a skeleton
occuring in the gut and other internal oorgans and not uder voluntary control
inner of the two bones between the knee and the ankle, parallel with the fibula
external framework of bone, cartilage, or rigid material supporting the body of an animal or plant
can be found where the hummerous meets the ulna
type of synovial joint
the bone of the uppper arm or forelimb
the ball shaped surface of one rounded bone fits into the cup like depression of another bone
the type of muscle that we can control
the type of muscle that we don't control
the brain is referred to this
the part of the brain that controls the body balance and movement
the flap of tissue that seals your windpipe

Skeletal/Muscular System Crossword

Skeletal/Muscular System Crossword

the inner framework made up of all the bones of the body
a soft tissue inside the bone that produces blood cells
specialized connective tissue composed of osteocytes forming the skeleton
strong connective tissue that supports the body and is softer and more flexible than bone
place where two or more bones meet
A group of genetic diseases. They're caused by defective genes that are passed from parent to child.
Very common congenital disorder that affects the posture, balance and motor functions. Physical tasks become difficult because of this disorder.
Shoulder muscles help in rotating the shoulder as well as move the hand in front and back. Structural strength for this joint is due to tendons of these muscles.
It's degenerative and inflammatory in nature. It affects systemic connective tissue causing weakness and muscle atrophy.
It's a common disease of the bones. Approximately 10 million Americans have the disease, with at least three times more Americans at risk of developing it.

The Muscular System Crossword

The Muscular System Crossword

Butt muscle
tendon in the heel
muscles that attach to the bone
Muscles that act on the lining of the bodies passageways and hollow internal organs
Muscle above the knee
major muscles of the back and is responsible for moving and rotating
Controls the motion of elbows and shoulders
Opens a joint
The muscle then travels down the arm and is connected on to the ulna of the forearm
When an organ or tissue protudes through an area of weak muscles
Muscles connecting the upper extremity to the vertebral column
cause swelling around muscles and bones
The bulk of the chest
long, thin, superficial muscle that runs down the length of the thigh in the anterior
Closes a joint
Attach to shoulder
Muscle found in heart
Contains many veins and arteries

Human body and movement Crossword

Human body and movement  Crossword

Which group of muscles located in the shoulder acts to support the joint during rotation movements?
What type of joint is the shoulder?
Name the function of the skeleton beginning with S
Which component of a synovial joint lubricates and nourishes the joint?
What type of joint is the knee?
What movement does the shoulder do?
What type of muscle starts with a H
What muscle is located at the top of the legs
Name one of Bo'ness that form the shoulder joint?
What bone sits in front of the knee joint?
What bones form the head and thee respectively?
What bone is in the head?
What bone keeps you upright?
Name one of the ankle joints
What type of joint is the elbow?

Skeletal system Review Crossword

Skeletal system Review  Crossword

The skeletal system ______ internal organs.
Stores and releases salts of calcium and __________.
_________ body in movements
Participates in ________ cell production
Stores triglycerides in adipose cells of _________ bone marrow
Provides ________ to the human body.
unspecialized bone cells that are able to change into other type of cells
Bone-building cells
Mature bone cells
Remodel bones and cause them to release calcium
_______ skeleton that lies on the longitudinal axis of the human body.
_________ skeleton that deals with upper and lower limbs, pelvis, and pectoral.
What type of bone is your carpals?
What type of bone is your femur?
What type of bone is your patella?
What type of bone is your frontal bone?
What type pf bone is your vertebrae?
The process of bone formation
All bones consists of mainly 99% of this mineral.
Bone connected to shoulder joint and elbow joint.
Your thigh bone
kneecap bone
The bone we call our collar bone
Triangle shaped bone behind shoulder
Jaw bone
Finger bones are also called ______
bone that is on the thumb side of arm
bone that is on pinky side of arm bone
bone that holds your brain
________ bone is good at providing protection and support
________ bone is lightweight and provides tissue support
Main portion of long bone
both ends of bone at the joints. (proximal and distal)
region between diaphysis and epiphyses
thin layer that covers both epiphyses
connective tissues surrounding the diaphysis
hollow space within diaphysis. Houses yellow bone marrow
thin membrane lining the medullary cavity

Human Body Systems Crossword Puzzle

Human Body Systems Crossword Puzzle

System that consists of nerves, brain and spinal cord
helps movement of the body, maintaining posture, and circulating blood throughout the body
system that contains voluntary and involuntary muscles
this system starts in the mouth
the heart and blood vessels that circulate blood throughout the body
disposing of the body's waste
brings air into the body and removes carbon dioxide
system that protects major internal organs and provides overall support
system that transmits signals from the body to the brain
this is also known as the urinary system
includes bone, cartilages, ligaments
skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, cardiac muscles
Breaks down food
skin, hair, regulates temperature
esophagus, stomach, intestines

Skeletal System Word Search

Skeletal System Word Search
Word Search

appendicular skeleton
external skeleton
internal skeleton
skeletal system
axial skeleton
spinal column

Skeletal & Muscular System Crossword

Skeletal & Muscular System Crossword

The framework of bones and other tissues that supports the body
tissues that move parts of the body and operate internal organs
connecting tissues that link bones to muscles
joints that are immovable are located in
joint that moves in only one direction
the vertebrae in the back that protect the spinal cord are examples of
muscles that are involuntary
muscles found in the heart
joint that connects the head to the neck
aids breathing
raises head
shoulder blade
fingers and toes

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Joint found in the shoulder and hip
type of muscle that is voluntary and striated
occurs when a bone is forced out of its joint
only type of tissue that is able to contract
flexible connective tissue that makes up our nose and ears
connects bone to bone
type of joint found in the knee and elbow
place where bones come together
connects bone to muscle
muscle tissue found in the heart
type of muscle that is involuntary; controls breathing, bp, and digestion
occurs when ligaments or tendons are pulled beyond their normal range
helps make red and white blood cells
front of the arm muscles
back of the arm muscles
protects the lungs and other vital organs