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Johnny Cash Songs Word Search

Word Search

The Wreck Of Old '97
Folsom Prison Blues
Darling Companion
Rock Island Line
I Walk The Line
Cry! Cry! Cry!
Doin' My Time
A Boy NameSue
Born To Lose
Ring Of Fire
Man In Black
San Quentin
Country Boy
Wanted Man
Get Rhythm
Big River

Fun with Oma and Pop Crossword

Fun with Oma and Pop Crossword

What State does Oma and Pop live?
Noise maker at uncle Jeff's
Favorite food at Thanksgiving
Youngest grand child
Halloween Treat
Church Day
Oma's car color
Pop's car color
What city do Cole and Ellie live in?
place to get sweet frozen treats
Oma's House Color
What Season do you go to the beach

Elsie's Puzzle Crossword

Elsie's Puzzle  Crossword

Device used to talk to people far way
What does Elsie use to walk
What body part on your face do you use to SEE objects
What does Elsie use to brush her teeth
How many legs do you have
What does Elsie eat every night. Lunch or Dinner.
How many fingers are on one hand
Skill of putting on and taking off clothes
What is the colour of the sky
What is the colour of the sun
What should people save every month when they get paid at work
Personal care activity for keeping body clean
Skill of taking food from the plate and in your mouth
How many days are in a week
Need to drink everyday
Skill of making food in the kitchen
Which country does Elsie live in
Using a car to move from one place to another place
What animal swims in water

Loser Bingo Cards

Loser Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

2 week liquid diet completed
Lose 20 lbs
Lose 50 lbs
Pants are too big
First time someone notices
Old pants fit
exercise 30 minutes w/o break
10000 steps for 7 days
DC a med
First 15 minute walk
20 minute walk
Walk stairs no rail
Buy smaller clothes
Swim suit fits
Cross my legs
Find your collar bone
Not uncomfortable at a booth
Get complaint of saggy butt
Clothing malfunction
Shoes are too big
Pass first stall
Lose 6-8 inches
Meet 30 grams of protein
Get in 60 oz water



Bingo Cards

15,000 STEPS 1 DAY
Write down your WHY
75 push ups Post time
stretch for 5 minutes
Take a Friend to the Gym
Post a Motivational Quote
50 burpees in a row
50 Squats
3 things you are Grateful for
Drink Water 100 ozs day
100 Jumping Jacks
Take a plank pic at work
30 minutes of PD
100 Bicycles
Run/Walk 1 mile
Run/Walk 3 miles
Try 1 new thing/Share
Make a Healthy meal/share
Post a pic of a Healthy Snack
Share your Goal for the Month
Post a pic of your Shake
Add new Herbalife Product
work out 5 days in 1 wk
Post a pic in Herbalife Swag


Hockey Crossword

Hockey Crossword

How many players do each team have?
What is the name of the player who participates in faceoffs?
What type of penalty puts you in the penalty box for 2 minutes? (minor or major)
What type of penalty results in you being put in the penalty box for 5 minutest? (minor or major)ut in the penalty box for ut in the penalty box for
What type of penalty could result in ejection after getting two major penalties?
What is the name of the penalty for hitting the puck from behind the center line and the puck going behind the goal line?
Name of the substitution where you substitute without stopping play? (no spaces between words)
Blue area in front of the goal that protects the goalie.
During a stopping of play the referee will drop the puck between two centers. (no space between words)
A free shot for a player after they get illegally hit from behind. (no space between words)
When a team has more players on the ice because of a player being in the penalty box (no space between words)

Wellness Bingo

Wellness Bingo
Bingo Cards

Drink 70 oz. H2O in 1 day
No candy @ work – 1 week
2 fruit, 3 veggie/ 1 day
Eat fruit for dessert
Walk 45 min @ Lunch
Full nights sleep (7-8 hrs)
30 min self care 3x/week
Walk the reservoir path
Walk 30 min. @ Lunch
30 min self care 3x week
15 Mins. on Community Puzzle
Get up every hour @ work
30 min. Gardening/yard work
30 min yoga or fitness class
Cell off 1 hr. b4 bed, 3x
No pop/sugary drinks/ 1 day
Bike 3 miles
bike 5 miles
10,000 steps / day
15,000 steps / day
10,000 steps/ day
Exercis 3x / 1 week
Walk @ lunch 30 mins
Night Walk 45+ mins.


Just for You Crossword


cousin; incognito
70's leg wear
Unchained Melody dance partner
Ruffle's Snack companion
Formerly, Saigon
Seniors' Junior
Last Grand
Family Vaca Local
My only son's song
Creator of this crossword
My first baby
My go to chocolate candy
Favorite Italian Pie Makers
Wed Month
AKA Charlie Brown; reluctantly
Dorothy's Special Sauce
70's socks
Lil' Seester
Big Sis, for short
Childhood pet; most preferred by parents
2nd Grand Girl; for short
unfair; jumbled
Point on the Golden Girls front door
Local Crossword source
You; Aka
Favorite fishy side dish
70's version of selfies; provider
Clydesdale Ale
4077th Members
aka Sarah Lee
Father and Brother first
Birthday Companion
Milk's Favorite Partner
Branch for Rick
Favorite Musical
Road where basement bar was built
Orange finger snack
Route 18 Track
"you're gonna need a bigger boat" movie
Brookpark Hangout
70's music fad
First labor State
Dad; aka
stayin alive artist
What is your function?
Delete button of the 70's
First Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
NY farm owner of Woodstock
Beatles first single
Lisa first cake design
First Grand Girl
number of children
Searsdale's Tavern
yogurt preference
Family Pet Canine
Christmas Story poke danger
kids eye color, all 3
Formally, Indians
Fathers look a like

Cardiac Rehab Week Crossword

Cardiac Rehab Week Crossword

A term used to describe high blood pressure
This food item directly affects blood pressure
Each exercise session should last no less than
You should exercise at least ____ times per week
The bad form of cholesterol is (abbreviation)
The preventable form of diabetes is
____ is the amount of energy it costs to complete a task
The amount of sessions each patient gets to complete Cardiac Rehab
The amount of years Cardiac Rehab has been here at MHWZ
____ is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels
Who is the medical director over Cardiac Rehab?

Space Crossword


The planet with visible rings
The furthest planet from the Sun
The most mysterious thing in space
The first man to step on the moon
Galileo improved this
This gives Neptune it's blue colour
The hottest planet
Another word for the Sun
It takes 28 day to go round the earth
Our galaxy name