Holidays Around The World  Crossword

In Pakistan, boys celebrate the first day of spring in the Muslim calendar with exciting kite-fighting contests.
For this Hindu spring festival, people dress in green. Children then squirt each other with water pistols filled with yellow- or red-colored liquid
In Thailand, a special three-day water festival on April 13-15 marks Songkran, the Buddhists' celebration of the new year.
On Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. People attend church and also enjoy different Easter customs.
Jewish Holiday
To celebrate the return of spring, children in England dance around tall poles decorated with ribbons, called maypoles. Their dancing wraps the ribbons tightly around the pole.
The sun continues to shine long after midnight in Scandinavia
Japanese people keep the memory of their ancestors alive with a festival held during the summer called...
During this holy time, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar year, Muslims do not eat, drink, or smoke from sunrise to sunset for an entire month
On November 1 — called Día de los Muertos — Mexicans remember their loved ones who have died by visiting them and having a meal right in the graveyard.
For eight days each November or December, Jews light a special candleholder called a menorah. They do it to remember an ancient miracle in which one day's worth of oil burned for eight days in their temple.
People celebrate this Christian holiday by going to church, giving gifts, and sharing the day with their families.
which means "First Fruits," is based on ancient African harvest festivals and celebrates ideals such as family life and unity.

Religion crossword

Religion crossword

a religion founded by Abraham and Holy text is the Torah
a religion founded by Jesus and Holy text is the Bible
a religion founded by Muhammad and Holy text is the Qur'an
followers of Judaism
followers of Islam who believe you have to be a descendent of Muhammad
followers of Islam who believe you do not have to be a descendent of Muhammad
founder of Islam
founder of christianity
founder of Judaism
a group of people who believe in one God and have unique customs
Holy text of Judaism
a community made up of people who share common cultural backgrounds
Holy text of Christianity
Holy text of Islam
an ethnic group that speaks arabic and practices Islam
an ethnic group in SWA that speaks kurdish
an ethnic group in SWA that speaks farsi and practices Islam
a holiday for Jews when Moses freed them from slavery
The Jews believe he wrote the 10 Commandments
a holiday Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus
a month when Muslims fast during the day
a Christian holiday when Jesus rose from the dead
a wall that is honored by Muslims because they believe it was built by Abraham
a Holy city for all three religions
a place of worship for Jews
A place of worship for Muslims
A place of worship for christians
rules for Muslims
symbol of Judaism

MAY DAY Word Search

MAY DAY Word Search
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Judaism Crossword

Judaism Crossword

A big family dinner that is enjoyed at the end of Passover.
A holiday celebrating the freedom of Jews from slavery in Egypt.
This symbol represent Judaism. The ____ of David.
Where Jews go to worship.
The founder of the Jewish religion.
Celebrates the re-dedication of their holy temple in Jerusalem.
An inherited or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.
A holiday celebrating the Jewish New Year.
The belief in one god.
The candle holder that is lit each night during Hanukkah.
The location of the most holy Jewish temple that was taken over by the Greeks.
How many days is Hanukkah?
The holy or sacred text of Judaism.
A strong belief or trust in someone or something.
Bread without yeast that is eaten during Passover.
A spinning top, a game played during Hanukkah.
Jewish religious leaders.
A set of moral principles or values.
The scattering of the Jewish people outside of their homeland.
One who creates or establishes.
Going without food for a period of time.
Where did Judaism begin?

Palm Sunday and Holy Week Crossword

Palm Sunday and Holy Week Crossword

Lent ends on this day
A symbol of Jesus' love for all
A celebration of being forgiven
The 3 holiest days of the year
Lent is closely associated with the transition from winter to _____.
Jesus being raised from the dead
Jesus was crucified on this hill
Which Triduum day does the Church commemorate the day Jesus was crucified?
The Passover meal Jesus celebrated with his disciples.
The Jewish feast remembering freedom from slavery in Egypt
This describes the final events in the life and saving work of Jesus on Earth
This occurs on Holy Thursday
On Good Friday, this color is worn by the Priest?
The Church's season of New Life
This is the color worn by the priest on Easter SUnday.

Liturgical Year Crossword

Liturgical Year Crossword

This is what we call the church year
Begins the liturgical year
Starts with the celebration of the birth of the son of God
We remember that Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead
means "three days''
Begins on Easter Sunday
Held on the 7th Sunday after Easter
when Jesus rose from the dead
Falls between Summer and Fall
Christmas falls in this season
Lent and Easter falls in this season
Lent begins on this day
First Sunday after Pentecost
this color represents Ordinary Time
This color represents Advent and Lent
These colors represents Christmas and Easter
Making a small sacrifice by not eating during the day to symbolize the sacrifices that Jesus made for us
The feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last ______ of Ordinary Time
A special day to praise God for giving us his creation
This man is the reason for the seasons

Crusades Crossword

Crusades Crossword

A curved blade
profit of islam
Leader of the Muslims in the 3d crusades
A group of Trades
A series of wars fought for the holy land
Number of crusades
Followers of islam
Believing in Jesus Christ
The cross stolen from the Christians
Leader of the christians in the 3rd Crusades
The plague that wiped out 1/3 of the people of England
Other name for the book One Thousand and One Nights
Why the Crusades were fought
a religion developed among the ancient Hebrews
manuscript record of the "Great Survey"

Lenten Season Crossword

Lenten Season Crossword

How many Days are observed in Lent? (Not including Sundays)
What comes after Lent (2 words no space)
What is the first day of Lent? (2 words no spaces)
Lent is the season of ____________________
What is the "Color" of the Lent Season?
What is Drawn on your forehead by Pastor on Ash Wednesday?
"Remember: You are ______ and to _______ you shall return" (one word)
What word is not said during the Lenten Season?
What is often practiced by individuals during the Lenten Season?
Lent is "a time to reflect upon baptism, a time for rebirth and renewal in preparation for the celebration of _________."
On this night Jesus instituted "a memorial" of his Passion in the Lord's Supper. (2 words no space)
The day of Christ's Crucifixion. (2 words no space)
Easter is the day acknowledging Christ's ____________ (2 words no space)
The color representing Good Friday is?
The day before Easter is called Easter _______
Holy week begins with? (2 words no space)
The Triduum consists on ____ days.
The word Lent means __________.
Ashes come from ______(s) that were blessed on _____ Sunday the year before
Sundays are "in" Lent but not "of'' it. How many are there?



In Islam, the "call to prayer"
Arabic word for God
Islamic leaders regarded as successors to Muhammad for Sunni Muslims
The foundational and practices of Islam that were set forth by Muhammad and are practiced by all Muslims
Word meaning "story", the sayings and stories of Muhammad that are meant to form guidance for living out Islam
A Muslim who has memorized the Qur'an
A term meaning "migration", it recalls the escape of Muhammad from his enemies in 622 C.E. And the beginning of the establishment of Islam. Marks the start of Islamic calendar
The leader for prayer at a mosque who is chosen for his knowledge of Islam and his personal holiness
The first Islamic shrine, which Muslims believe was built by Abraham. Destroyed by pagans, it was reclaimed by Muhammad when he captured Mecca in the seventh century.
Arabic that means "recite" or "recitation." In Muslim belief, God's final revelation superseding both Jewish and Christian Bibles.
The Fourth Pillar of Islam, which is a month of prayer and fasting that commemorates the Night of Power.
Chapters or sections in the Qur'an. Each surah is a separate revelation received by Muhammad.
A Muslim scholar trained in Islam and Islamic Law.
The ritual washing of the face, hands, arms, top of head, and feet that a Muslim must perform before Salah.

Holy Communion Crossword

Holy Communion Crossword

A drink that represents Jesus's blood at Communion
A Christian Holy building
How do Christians talk to God?
Son of God
Food that represents Jesus's body
Holy Communion happens to help _______ the death of Jesus
Service held by Catholic Christians that celebrates Holy Communion
Christian Holy Book
A symbol that remind Christians of Jesus
Where you might go after death, if you are a good person and follow God/Jesus
Where you might go after death, if you are not a good person
Jesus's last meal is often known as the last _______
Christian festival that celebrates Jesus coming back to life after dying
Person who might lead a service in a church

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Crossword

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Crossword

a push for Jews to have a homeland is Israel
Jewish house of worship
food that is satisfies Jewish law
father and founder of Judaism
religious teacher of Judaism
rules of morals that Jews must follow
denomination that strictly follows the rules of Torah
son of God
Christian house of worship
day of worship for Christians
name of Christian calendar
celebrates birth of Jesus Christ
he made Christianity official religion of Roman Empire
he made Christianity official religion of Roman Empire
name of God in Islam
founder of Islam
believe that most qualified should be leader of Islam
believe that Muhammad's nearest relative should be leader of Islam
celebrates the time that the Qu'ran was revealed to Muhammad
declaration of faith, daily prayer, charitable giving, etc.
religious place of worship for Muslims