Applications Crossword

Selected cell
Both letter of the Column and Number of row
The cells All going vertically
Solid Square in the lower right corner of a selected cell
Displays active cells Contents
All the cells going Horizontally
Refers to the Row or column the information was copied to
Used to Display a worksheet
An application used to store and analyze data
Selection of two or more cells
An Excel File
Doesn't change when copied because there is a dollar sign in front of the information
Performs a Calculation that results in a single value
Function that calculates the periodic payment for an installment loan
Function that adds the values in a range of cells then divides the result by the number of cells in the range
Function that adds the values in a range of cells
Used to Make two Different cells into one.

Microsoft Excel Vocabulary Words Crossword

Microsoft Excel Vocabulary Words Crossword

A function that automatically identifies and adds ranges of cells in your worksheet
The name of the cell is determined by the name of the row and the column intersecting, such as A8
When you move the mouse while holding down the mouse button (usually the left) to select a range cells
The identifying name that reflects the information contained in a column or row in a worksheet, such as name or date
A command line above the worksheet where text, numbers, and formulas are entered into a worksheet
The rectangular shaped area on a worksheet that is created by the intersection of columns and rows
A drop-down menu item and a button on the standard toolbar that allows you to select a formula that you wish to apply to data in your worksheet
In a worksheet, the vertical spaces with headings A,B,C and so on
The identifying letters and numbers for columns and rows. Columns are identified with letters, rows with numbers.
Tabs you see at the bottom of your workbook file, labeled Sheet 1, Sheet 2, and so.
An Excel file that contains individual worksheets. Also called spreadsheet file.

Excel Lesson 1 Crossword

Excel Lesson 1 Crossword

The cell in the worksheet in which you can type data. (EX 6)
The worksheet that is displayed in the work area. (EX 10)
All cells touch each other and form a rectangle. (EX 10)
The intersection of a row and a column. (EX 6)
Identifies the cell, and is formed by combining the cell’s column letter and row number. (EX 6)
Appears vertically and is identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window. (EX 6)
An equation that calculates a new value from values currently in a worksheet. (EX 6)
Appears to the right of the Name Box and displays a formula when the cell of a worksheet contains a calculated value. (EX 6)
A page turned so that its longer side is at top. (EX 18)
The spreadsheet program in Microsoft Office 2010. (EX 4)
Cell reference area located below the Ribbon, displays the cell reference of the active cell. (EX 6)
Includes two or more adjacent ranges and selected cells. (EX 11)
A page turned so that its shorter side is at top. (EX 18)
A group of selected cells. (EX 10)
How the range is identified; made up of the cell in its upper-left corner and the cell in its lower-left corner, separated by a colon. (EX 10)
Appears horizontally and is identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window. (EX 6)
Tab at the bottom of the worksheet window that displays the name of the worksheet. (EX 6)
A grid of rows and columns in which you enter text, numbers, and the results of calculations. (EX 4)
The file used to store worksheets. (EX 4)
A computerized spreadsheet. (EX 4)

Excel Lesson 1-4 Crossword

Excel Lesson 1-4 Crossword

gives you fast and easy access to the tools you use most often in
small badges displaying keyboard shortcuts for specific tabs and commands
shows you behind-the-scenes options to manage files such as opening, saving,
takes you to Backstage view, with its navigation
indicates the current cell you are in as well it gives you the opportunity to name the cell or range
in Excel 2013 is rich in information, illustrations, and tips that can help
takes the information from one location
puts information into another location
options that automatically fill cells with data and/or formatting
is a group of adjacent cells that you select to perform operations on all of the selected cells
are a series of settings that allow you to change how a
commands on the default ribbon tabs are related in functionality
files that already include formatting and formulas complete with designs, tools, and specific data types
this can be a number, a cell address, a date, text, or Boolean data, but is usually a number or cell address in terms of formulas
identifies a cell’s location in the worksheet, based on its column letter and row number
adjusts the cell identifier automatically if you insert or delete columns or rows, or if you copy the formula to another cell
refers to a specific cell or range of cells regardless of where the formula is located in the worksheet
a cell reference that uses an absolute column or row reference, but not both
is a group of cells, and occasionally a single cell, with a designated name
its used to edit information in a worksheet, you can make changes directly in the cell or edit the contents of a cell in the...
you highlight the text that is to be changed
are used to identify numeric data and are the most common type of text entered in a worksheet
feature works only for entries that contain text or a combination of text and numbers
is a small green square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell or range of cells

Excel Vocabulary Crossword

Excel Vocabulary  Crossword

The intersection of a column and a row in a table or worksheet.
The cell in the worksheet in which you can type.
A vertical stack of cells in a table or worksheet.
An equation that calculates a new value from values currently in a worksheet.
Microsoft Word 2007
The horizontal placement of cells in a table or worksheet.
A computerized spreadsheet.
Text stored in a cell that cannot be used in calculations
A intersection between a row and a column on a spreadsheet that starts with A1.
Is a toolbar at the top of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet window that you can use to enter or copy an existing formula in to cells or charts,
A name that represents a cell, range of cells, formula, or constant value.
A range or data that is brought into a worksheet but that originates outside Excel such in a database or text file.

Spreadsheet Crossword Puzzle

Spreadsheet Crossword Puzzle

Tools used for excel that displays across the top of the window.
Starts at the top of the worksheet and goes to the bottom of the worksheet. (A, B ,C)
Spreadsheet file.
A column on the worksheet.
Where you enter information.
Commands on the default ribbon tab, and adds commands within a group.
Make changes directly in the cell.
A cell in excel spreadsheet that is currently selected by clicking mouse pointer or keyboard keys.
Where you can manage your files.
Consists of a column indicator and a row number.
to keep and store files for future use.
A spreadsheet program included in Microsoft office.

Microsoft Word Vocabulary Terms Crossword

Microsoft Word Vocabulary Terms Crossword

Located in the bottom left corner. It indicates ready, enter, edit, and point
Feature that extends a series, copies data or copies a formula into adjacent cells
Ribbon tabs that appear in context with the task being performed
Allows the user to create a new column of data by providing a few examples of how existing data should be used
A formatted series of text or numbers that are in normal sequence such as months, weekdays, numbers or times
A location that collects and stores up to 24 copied or cut items that are then available to be used in the active workbook, in other workbooks and in other Office programs
Cell reference that doesn't adjust when you copy or move a formula. It includes a symbol (such as $) before both the column letter and the row number ($B$5)
A reference to a cell or range on a sheet in another Excel workbook, or a reference to a defined name in another workbook.
A cell reference that uses an absolute column or row reference, but not both.
One or more functions that are places inside a main function. More specifically, the nested functions are used as an argument for the main function.
The location within which Excel recognizes a named range, which is either a specific reference or the entire workbook. Of you set the scope of a named range to Workbook, you can reference the named range on any sheet in the workbook
A form of algebra that employs only two values True OR FALSE. Originally developed by a 19th century mathematician name George Boole. It works especially well with the computers due to their binary number system. A bit with the value True correspond to 1, and a bit with the value
Future Value returns the anticipated purchasing power of currency based on the number of years. interest, and inflation rates
When the logical test is true, it returns one value. Otherwise, if the function is false, it returns a different value
Basic rules for constructing a formula, specifically one containing a function
Thumbnail display of options available for formatting

Microsoft Excel Crossword

Microsoft Excel Crossword

Appears vertically in a spreadsheet
Appears horizontally in a spreadsheet
Words or numbers that are entered
Manner in which information is stored into a computer
Setting that a computer program assumes you will use
Function that adds the values of cells
Increase or decrease the size of a graphic
Symbol or name that represents something else
Changes the onscreen levels of magnification
Placing copied data
Numbers that can be manipulated by formulas
To highlight a cell or a range of cells
Arrangement of cells, objects, or files
Excel recognizes a named range
Items on either side of a operator in a formula
Data retrieved from another file saved in a file format
Sign used to multiply
Makes it easier to organize and fine documents
An equation
One or more functions are placed inside a main function

Excel Vocabulary Crossword

Excel Vocabulary Crossword

New document. Like a notebook, contains sheets on which data is entered.
allows you to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as numbers and text inside a workbook.
pictorially represent data.
is drawn on the same worksheet as the data
cell in which data is currently being entered; has a heavy border and is in the Name box.
identified by column letter then row number (A1, A2, B2, C1, etc.)
displays active cell; located immediately above column A. Used to select a cell
displays data being entered in a cell
a box that is made when each column and row meets.
horizontal, identified with numbers
vertical, identified by letters
a feature of Excel which allows you to change several characteristics of a cell, such as font type, font size, & font color, all at once.
The number format that causes the cells to display with two decimal places.
horizontal and vertical lines
bottom right corner of a cell, allows you to copy formulas or cell contents
a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column, row, or rectangle.
Starts every formula.
A prewritten formula (Average, Sum, etc.
the values you use with a function
displays the highest value in a range
displays the lowest value in a range
a number, such as a whole number, a fraction, or a decimal
displays the formulas instead of values. Pres ctrl~ to display.
a predefined set of colors, fonts, chart styles, cell styles and fill effects
displays the worksheet as it will appear when printed.

Microsoft Excel Crossword

Microsoft Excel Crossword

a group of cells
Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Program
displays the cell reference of the active cell
computerized spreadsheet
combines multiple cells into one cell
the way the page is turned
you can edit cell data here
collection of worksheets
every formula/function begins with
runs vertically in the worksheet
a graphical representation of data
intersection of row and a column
numbers in a formula that do not change
a set of established rules
#VALUE! is an example of
This reference to a cell changes in relation to the location of the formula

Excel, Chapter 2 Crossword

Excel, Chapter 2 Crossword

Values and other inputs that a function uses to calculate a result
Feature that temporarily performs the Average, Count, and Sum calculations on a range
Feature that speeds up the manual entry of functions
Predefined formula that performs a specific calculation
To use a function as an argument within another function
Value, text, or expression that defines the type of data you want to see
Data arranged in columns and specifically formatted with column headers and it allows you to sort, filter, etc.
Hide nonmatching rows in a table
Arrange the rows in a table or list of data in a new order
Combination of cell color, border, shading, and other formatting attributes
Displays below the table to calculate data in the columns above
At the far-left end that you can use to create & navigate to named ranges
Updates and displays new result each time you open the workbook
Equation that returns a value as TRUE or FALSE
Linking of elements together in a series
Method to keep specified rows and columns in view
Sections in a window that enable you to see different parts of the worksheet
Variable formatting that changes the formatting applied based on the contents of a cell
Conditional formatting that applies a background fill color
Conditional formatting that creates filled background bars
Conditional formatting based on how cell contents compare with specified criterion
Conditional formatting that includes one of a set of icons
Conditional formatting rules that format highest or lowest values
Change the angle of contents in a cell
Selected Worksheet
When worksheets are selected as a unit
Specified range of cells to be printed
Row and column labels that are reprinted on each page of a worksheet