When someone takes age, gender, health, etc. into account while observing a population (study of...)
Total number of people in a certain land area
Population Density
To count the number of members living inside of a 24 sq. mile land area
Arithmetic Density
To explain economic differences between countries by counting the number of farmers per area of arable land
Agricultural Density
A way of expressing how the people of an area are in a relationship regarding resources with the land around them
Physiological Density
Highly concentrated area that includes China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, etc.
East Asia
Highly concentrated area that includes Germany, France, England, etc.
ighly concentrated area that includes Indonesia
Southeast Asia
Highly concentrated area that includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
Sparsely populated due to little water and resources
Area that isn't suitable for agriculture due to high levels of precipitation
An area with such an extreme temperature that humans cannot survive off of the resources provided
Cold Lands
Sparsely populated because of steep mountains
High lands
Type of map in which only population is shown
Used to determine the number of people in a certain area
Number of births compared to every 1000 people in a population during a one year span
Crude Birth Rate
You use CBR and CDR to determine this percentage
Natural Increase Rate
Number of deaths compared to every 1000 people in a population during a one year span
Crude Death Rate
A population will go from 100 to 200 in 6 months
Doubling Time
The number of babies born compared to the number that die
Infant Mortality Rate
During a woman's childbearing years she's expected to have a certain number of babies based off of others
Total Fertility Rate
Amount of time in which a baby when born is thought to live
Life Expectancy

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