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Greek crossword

Greek crossword

A sea between Europe and Asia
Island W. Greece
An Ancient Greek city in the northeast Peloponnese.
High King over Greece, Menelaus's brother.
A river in the underworld.
Most famous soothsayer.
He is the son of king Peleus
King of Scyros who hides Achilles
Wisest of the Centaurs
The god of dess of discord
The Goddess of Wisdom
Wife of Zeus and Queen of all Gods.
Paris gave The Golden Apple to...
The son of Queen Hecuba and Priam
The most beautiful mortal and she is famous in the kingdoms of Greece.
The king of all Gods
He hides Achilles and he is the king of Scyros
Achilles's companion
A sea in between Turkey and Greece
Aphrodite, Athene, and Eris fought over the.....
A King of Ithaca and Greek leader in the Trojan war.
An island in Greece
The....Defeated Troy.
She is Paris's mom.
He is Paris's father.
The... helped the Greeks defeat Troy.
The one spot the styx river did not touch Achilles was the....

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword


Greek; old king who gives Agamemnon advice
Goddess of marriage; hates Paris because he didn't choose her
Trojan; war leader of the Trojan army
King of the gods; helps and hinders both Greeks and Trojans
Greek; a wild, impulsive warrior who helps spy on the Trojans
God of the sun; helps the Trojans
Trojan; was promised a wife as fair as Aphrodite
Goddess of wisdom; helps the Greeks
Greek; High King of all of Greece
Trojan; father of Hector and Paris
Goddess of water; mother of Achilles
Greek turned Trojan; is the main princess in the story
Greek; only can be killed if he gets wounded in his heel
Goddess of beauty and love; helps Paris because he chose her
Greek; wanted to wage war on Troy because Paris stole his wife
Greek; stole the luck of Troy to take away the Trojan's comfort
Greek; Achilles' best friend who was killed by Hector
Greek; almost killed Hector by throwing a rock on his head
Location of Hectors death
Paris's first love that he leaves for Helen
Lover of Achilles
Home of the Trojans; location of war
This weapon is the one that killed Achilles
This is what won the battle for the Greeks; statue
Celebration ceremony of life after one has died

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword

Son of Thetis and Peleus
King of the Myrmidons
The leader of the Greeks
Goddess of love, beauty, and eternal youth
Goddess of wisdom and war
The goddess of discord
The greatest Trojan warrior
Paris' mother
The love Paris received from Aphrodite
Queen of heaven
The rocky island of Ithaca is his kingdom
Paris' original lover
Where the gods and goddesses live
Son of Hecuba and Priam
Has immortal horses
Man who was left on island for 10 years; contracted poisonous parasite
Paris' father
"Blank" of the Silver Feet
"A City of Men"
King of the Gods

Black ships before troy puzzle Crossword

Black ships before troy puzzle Crossword

What did the goddess of beauty promise paris?
The wife of Zeus and queen of all goddess's?
goddess of discourage who tossed the apple down?
What part of Achilles's body that is his weak spot?
What Trojan spy captured by greeks?
what weapon does Achilles use to kill Hector?
wood burning for a dead body?
Who foretold Achilles where he was going to die?
who helped guide the arrow that killed Achilles?
What was the important object of Achilles Ajax and Odysseus wanted
who volunteers to stay back to trick the Trojans?
Who was married to Menelaus who left him for Paris?
what People brought 100,000 ships to troy to get Helen back?
king of Sparta who was married to Helen?
what Strong leader slayed Hector?
Who are the woman warriors brought to Troy?
How many days did Achilles offer between the Greeks and the Trojans to bury Hector?
Why does Hector get so angry with paris?
who was hiding Achilles?
Who Killed Achilles best friend, Patroclus?

Ancient Word Puzzle Crossword

Ancient Word Puzzle Crossword

Leader of Myrmidon
Priams son
Achilles best friend
King of troy
Trojan leader of the army
Wooden carage pulled by horses
King of gods
Goddess of warfare
God of metal working
Goddess of love and beauty
God of the sea
A meloncoly God
Used by the greeks to take over Troy
Wood nymph who loved Paris
Runs away with Paris
King of sparta
High king of Greace
King of Ithica
Becomes Trojan spy for reward
Second greatest warrior of Greace

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword

The best looking girl campest
the guy the almost kills Hector with a rock
he killed hector
Achilles's companion
King of the Gods
He made both sets of Achilles's armor OR Smith of the Gods
He wounds Paris about a poison arrow
High King over Greece and Greek soldiers against Troy Menelaus brother.
He grieves for Patroclus when Patroclus died.
He is killed by Memnon.
Achilles and Agamemnon argue over who gets her
war leader
He sides with the Trojans and sun god ares
god of war
he advises Agamemnon to try more cunning tactics.
princess of Troy sister of Hector and Paris
She is on the Greek side because Aphrodite is on the Trojan side.
He is king of the Eithiopans
she is the daughter of Ares
Paris dad
He is killed by Patroclus.
He volunteers to stay behind and be found by Trojans.
Achilles's childhood friend
King of Ithaca
The person who tells Agamemnon that Achilles is necessary to win the war

Trojan war Crossword

Trojan war Crossword

who had the largest army at the start of the Battle of Troy
Who ran away to Troy with Helen from Greece
the King of Troy
the King of Greece
The famous war hero, that killed Hector
The prince of Troy
The wooden animal the Greeks hide in
The person came up with the idea of building the wooden horse
Achilles friends who was killed by Hector
The daughter of King Priam

Black Ships Before Troy Characters Crossword

Black Ships Before Troy Characters Crossword

Trojan, Took Helen from Troy
Greek, High King, brother of Menelaus
God of the Sea
Queen of Gods, Married to Zeus
The Thunderer, King of all Gods
God who sent disease on the Greek camp
Trojan, brother of Paris
Trojan, Paris' mother
Greek, clever and brave leader
Greek, Achilles friend that died
Goddess of discord, threw down the golden apple
Greek warrior, fought Hector
Goddess of beauty
Greek, married to Helen
Greek married to Menelaus, stolen by Paris
Trojan who went to spy on Greeks, head was cut off
Goddess of Wisdom
King of Troy
Fortune teller
Greek, dipped in the River Styx

War in Troy Crossward Crossword

War in Troy Crossward Crossword

Who was Achilles' mother?
Where was Priam king of?
What did Hecuba dream she was giving birth to?
Who is Achilles best friend?
Which goddess did Paris choose?
Who is Paris' older brother?
Who is Helen married to?
Where is Helen queen of?
Who is Achilles' dad?
Who is Zeus wife?
Who is the leader of the Greek army?
Who is the goddess of war?

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword

Black Ships Before Troy Crossword

Diomedes Kills...
Eris Throws a...
Famous Soothsayer
God of War
Saves Hectors Life
Hectors Wife
Almost Kills Hector
Menelaus's Brother
Trojan War Leader
Killed By Paris
King of The Gods
Mortal Son of Zeus
Greek Soldier
Paris's Dad
Achilles Childhood Friend
Queen of Amazons
The Golden Apple Among The Three Godesses
Achilles Companian
Killed Paris
Prince of Troy's Allies