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Epic Falls Crossword

Epic Falls Crossword

Boats made to travel here
Columbus went onm a journey
a special type of warriors
a big fight that happens
Ship columbus rode
small city in cali
Trade Route
Biggest country
Country with only ice
an Explorer
5th Khagan
In indian ocean
Explorer who found america
Breton Explorer
Spanish Explorer
Italian Explorer
Explorer and Pilot
bay in gulf of mexico
a ocean basin
smaller country than asia
Spain became new
Hyperbole, pg 85
Hyperbole, pg 87
Hyperbole, pg 87
Hyperbole, pg 87
Hyperbole, pg 91

Trade in Ancient China Crossword

Trade in Ancient China Crossword

The key item from china which influenced the name of road aswell
A big sub-continent, bordering with China
The original name of this city was Anatolia, a distinguished civilization linking Asia and Europe
Tradesmen use to travel together
Key trade product
Country known as "Land of Silk"
Main mode of transport
Animal used for Transport
Popular Italian merchant
Other popular route
A chemical explosive material which was a key trade item
Silk road started in this dynasty
Traders were known as
The precious metal
in the regime of this mongol emperor the silk road tradineg reached its peak

Life in the Eastern Hemisphere Crossword

Life in the Eastern Hemisphere Crossword

desert in northern Africa
group of traders traveling together
Early kingdom in West Africa called "land of gold" because it was rich in this natural resource
an important resource the Ghana lacked that became as valuable as gold. Trade routes to Ghana developed because of this
large kingdom in West Africa that owned it wealth and trade
rich king of Mali who was muslim and made pilgrimage to Mecca, bringing back trade and learning
a journey taken for religious reasons
another large trading kingdom in West Africa
an instrument that helped sailors use the sun and the stars to find their location and latitude
Italian trader/explorer whose travels in china inspired other traders to trade with china
The emperor of China whose riches astounded Marco Polo
valuable trade goods the Europeans wanted from china
network of trade routes that was a major route between China and other lands
Chinese invention that made it possible for sailors to determine their direction far out at sea
commanders of a fleet of Chinese ships made 7 voyages of trades and exploration, causing and increase in demand for Chinese trade goods
skilled sailors from northern Europe who sailed on raiding missions
Viking leader who settled in Greenland
Viking who was the first European to set foot upon North America
"Land of Wine"
a spoken tale by Vikings
period of time in Europe marked by a new interest in science, art and the world
German inventor of the printing press
buying and selling of human beings
4,000 miles long
probably the first Europeans to set foot on North America in the year 1000



European Traveller
The name of the city where Marco Polo was born
Marco Polo spent this long of his life travelling
The name of the route through Baghdad and Gobi dessert
A great and wealthy ruler of China in the thirteen century
Marco Polo spent this long to journey home
A passport given to Marco Polo by Kublai Khan
A person of great importance
Marco Polo wanted to contact people in East to trade for spices
Marco Polo was born in this year

Trade: Task A Crossword

Trade: Task A Crossword

tradesmen travelled by a large vehicle
beside silk the chinese sold T_ _
A place that is arid, dry and harsh
along the journey there were B_ _ _ _ _ _
the longer the safer therefore the shortest is more d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
the silk road was the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ancient trade route
the silk road introduced a type of religon, What was the religon
what was one of the main products traded along the silk road
the most famous explorer on the silk road was named M_ _ _ _ P_ _ _
it was over 4000... (kilometers, centimetres, metres or miles)
the silk road wasn't just one route but M_ _ _ routes
very few M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ travelled the whole way
the silk road wnt from china to E_ _ _ _ _ _ E_ _ _ _ _
not only did the route include land but it also included...
many of the caravans that travelled were g_ _ _ _ _ _
during the time silk was thought to be as valueble as...
the silk road was also a place to share ideas, art, technology,belief systems and L_ _ _ _ _ _ _
at the time silk was only made in which country

Ancient Chinese Trade Crossword

Ancient Chinese Trade Crossword

how long is the silk road
what was the main way china was able to trade with european countries
traders that travelled in groups were called:
trade is the process of which people sell and buy _____
the silk road was formally established during the ___________ (130 BCE & 1324 CE)
The silk road did not only have one road but had multiple _______
the silk road started in china and ended in modern day turkey or then the _____________
trade on the silk road did not only bring goods to europe but it started what we know as the ____________
trade in ancient china also helped spread thier religion ___________
europeans mostly traded with china for its ____
________ was one of the first europeans to discover/explore far east (asia)
was ancient chinese trade important?
the chinese also used boats to trade with european countries (vise versa) true or faulse?
one of the ways the chinese travelled along the silk road was with _______
which other country was the first to trade with china?

who was Marco Polo (Chapter 1) Bingo Cards

who was Marco Polo (Chapter 1) Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Marco Polo
Christopher Colubus
measuring system
met on Venice's docks


Trade in Ancient China Crossword

Trade in Ancient China Crossword

Famous trade route which linked China with the west
Transport used by merchants and tradesmen to export goods.
He was a merchant and explorer who traveled throughout China as a messenger for Kublai Khan.
The main and most common trade in ancient china was:
The Silk Road began during the __________ dynasty
The silk road stretched from China to:
One of the other things which were also traded.
The ____________ ___________ who bought a lot of goods, began to lose power in the west.r
The religion of ____________ was introduced to China, because of the Silk Road's influence.
Silk Road carried goods and ideas between two __________ of Rome & China.
The___________ Empire destroyed a lot of corruption and tollgate of the silk road, which made it more convenient.
What religion spread the silk road from India to China?
Which country got the most benefits from the Silk Road?
During the Han Dynasty, Chinese developed _______ powered machine which wounded fibers to make silk production easier.
The Romans called China the "_______ of Silk"

The Silk Road Crossword

The Silk Road  Crossword

The name of the road that was commonly used for traveling while doing trade SILK
A good that was commonly traded and used for pots and kitchenware
The most common form of transport along the Silk Road
One of the most commonly traded fabrics
The type of plague that was thought to have travelled along the silk road to Europe
The period of time the Silk Road was created HAN
Afamous explorer thought to have travelled across the Silk Road MARCO
People who traded goods
The country known as the land of silk
What the romans called the people who made the silk SILK
A precious stone that was often traded
A metallic element that was often traded for goods
One of the place china traded with
A seed or plant substance used for flavouring and was often traded
The name of the person who named the Silk Road FERDINAND VON
Thieves that would often come along the silk road and steal merchants products