Food Additives Crossword

These enhance the attractiveness of food.
Type of food additive that whitens flour.
Category of food additives that enhance keeping quality.
Type of flavor enhancer.
What do antioxidants retard?
Category of food additives that mix fat and water soluble substances.
What is a type of antimicrobial agent?
These increase viscosity.
Sodium bicarbonate adjusts what?
These chelate metal ions.
Who approves food additives in the USA?
The most common leavening salt?
A caloric sugar alcohol that is used as the sweetener in sugarless gum.
What is the first requisite of any food?

Nutrition Crossword

Nutrition Crossword

Nutrient that helps the body use proteins, fats and carbohydrates
Nutrient that provides energy and gives food flavor
Nutrient that is the body's main energy source
Nutrient needed for growth and cell repair
Nutrient that helps the body's chemical processes
Food you eat between meals
Daily eating plan that includes foods from all food groups
Food high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals
Reaction to a food that is caused the immune system
The sugar found in milk
A substance that helps a food taste better or last longer
The unit to measure the energy produced by food in the body
Nutritional information about food is printed on this
Suggested goals to help you stay healthy
Food that contain the same types of nutrients are in the same____________.
The nutrient that helps keep the body and cells hydrated
A substance that is added to food to flavor meats and other foods
A reaction of the body towards a food or something in a food.
Meals at these restaurants should not be eaten everyday
something added to food to keep it from spoiling or going bad
A commercial that tries to get you to buy a product is know as an ___________
Water,protein,carbohydrates,fats,vitamins and minerals are known as________.

Food and Nutrition Basics Crossword

Food and Nutrition Basics Crossword

main source of energy
sugar the occurs naturally in fruits
that occur naturally in grains
that occur naturally in milk
complex carbohydrates are made up of large molecules of
the main source of carbohydrates is
are extracted from plants and used to sweeten foods
eating foods that are high in refined sugars
in the form of rice,paste,and bread products
such as peas and lentils
consuming large amount of these foods can lead to
that leads to sugar highs and lows
proteins are made of chains of chemical building blocks
helps form the protective coverings around
around vital organs such as the heart and liver
your body needs iron to build
there are types of proteins complete and
complex carbohydrates are broken down into two subcategories starches and
such as potatoes and corns that can be found in starches
fiber consist of plant material
there are two kinds of dietary soluble and
this bulk helps to move food through the large intestine,promoting regular
that provides for the body heat and
that promotes healthy and normal cell growth
carries vitamins A,D,E and K in the body

Food and Nutrition Basics Crossword

Food and Nutrition Basics Crossword

It is a fat-like substance that is present in all body cells and is needed for many essential body processes
These are the nutrients that help the body grow, maintain, and repair cells and tissues
Sugar that occurs naturally in fruits
Provides heat and energy for the body
It takes cholesterol from the liver, to wherever it is needed in the body
This type of fiber increases the thickness of the stomach contents and has been shown to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood
It picks up excess cholesterol and returns it to the lover, where it does not harm the body.
Sugar that occurs naturally in milk
These are the main source and the most easily digested source of energy.
Sugar that occurs naturally in grains
This type of fiber absorbs water like a sponge
The substance in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to all parts of your body
These are the main source of carbohydrates
These carbohydrates are quickly broken down into a usable from by the body
Sugar that are extracted from plants and used to sweeten foods
These are made up of large molecules of simple carbohydrates joined together
This comes from plant sources such as: Vegetables, Fruit, Grain Products and Legumes
As with naturally occurring sugars, these bring other nutrients with them, providing good food value
This type of fat inreases LDL cholesterol and is also known as bad fats
This type of fat found when vegetable oils are partially hydrogenated
This type of iron is found in animal sources, and is highly available for absorption.
This type of iron is found in plant sources
This is the condition that results when a person does not get enough iron.
The cholesterol that circulates in the bloodstream in chemical groupings
Proteins that are made up of chains chemical building blocks

Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

To include more fruits and veggies in your diet, when would be the ideal meal to eat them during to encourage such a habit?
These are great sources of energy in fruits and vegetables.
Sources of this can be added to fruit and vegetable snacks to make them even more nutritious and delicious
Try different vegetables, because our bodies like ___.
______ are nutrients in food that the body uses to build cell membranes, nerve tissue (like the brain), and hormones.
The body uses ___ as fuel.
What is a unit of energy that measures how much energy food provides to the body?
Light (lite) and _______-fat foods may still be high in fat.
What is the requirement for a food to be labeled light (lite)? Have 50% less fat or _______ fewer calories per serving
One of the most harmful fats: s_____.
One of the most harmful fats: t_____.
Trans and saturated fats can cause what?
Unsaturated fats are ____ at room temperature.
One type of unsaturated fat: p_________.
One type of unsaturated fat: m_________.

Food Additives Crossword

Food Additives Crossword

Who tests additives for food safety?
Category of food additives that enhance keeping quality.
What do antioxidants retard?
What is a type of antimicrobial agent?
Type of food additive that whitens flour.
Category of food additives that mix fat and water soluble substances.
Type of flavor enhancer.
Who approves food additives?
These enhance the attractiveness of food.
These increase viscosity.
Sodium bicarbonate adjusts what?
These cheylate metal ions?
What type of additive retains moisture in food
What must meet certification standards on a regular basis?

Baking and Pastry Terms Crossword

Baking and Pastry Terms Crossword

responsible for supervisiong preparation of breads, cakes pies, etc.
responsible for preparing sweet dessert items
works preparing and baking bread
finely milled wheat
rubbery substance that gives baked goods structure
wheat flours used in bake shops are categorized by this
sweetener using equal parts of water and sugar simmered until sugar is dissolved
fats used in bakeshop
process in which gases are trapped in dough creating small bubbles
sodium bicarbonate
process in baking when carbon dioxide and alcohol act to leaven baked goods
process used to soften gelatin
alcohol-based flavorings
used to measure large quantities of ingredients
used to roll dough into thin sheets
knives with thin flexible blades
used in decorating cakes so all sides can be reached
simple piece of metal or plastic with a zigzag edge
cone-shaped bag made of cloth or plastic
large paddle used as a spatula
comes in many different sizes and shapes

Common Chemical Compound Names Crossword

Common Chemical Compound Names Crossword

iron disulfide // easily mistaken for something valuable (2 words)
CaCO3// found on countertops
calcium sulfate -hydrate// found in casts (3 words)
NaClO // used to disinfect household items
sodium tetraborate decahydrate // white powder used for cleaning
N2O // used as an anesthetic (2 words)
sodium chloride // used as a seasoner (2 words)
C12H22O11 // used as a sweetener
sodium bicarbonate // used to unbloat (2 words)
aluminum chlorohydrate // used to prevent sweat stains
NaHCO3 // used in baking (2 words)
sodium bicarbonate // used to lighten baked goods (2 words)
calcium carbonate // widely used mineral for construction
carbon // beautiful stone used in jewelry
MgSO4*7H2O // used as exfoliant or disinflammatory (2 words)
sulfuric acid // found in batteries (2 words)
acetic acid // sour tasting cleaning acid
acetaminophen //used as a painkiller
trinitrotoluene // used as explosive
ascorbic acid // found in oranges (2 words)
carbonic acid // a bubbly beverage (2 words)
sodium hydroxide // used in plastic wrap or oven cleaners (2 words)
cooper(II) sulfate pentahydrate // used to induce vomitting
sulfur // what causes the acrid smell of volcanos
C3H6O // used to remove paints, waxes, glues, etc
CO2 // used as a coolant (2 words)
C3H8O3 // oil in cosmetics or foods
calcium sulfate dihydrate // used in wallboards or cerment
C // used as a fire retardant
C3H8O // used to disinfect wounds (2 words)

Breads Around The World Crossword

Breads Around The World  Crossword

First boiled for a short time in water and then baked. The bread has a hole in the middle. Popular in Canada and the US.
Popular Indian flat bread made with wheat flour. Instead of being baked. Toasted over a griddle till they are freckled gold.
A traditional Australian bush bread that was once cooked over in the hot coals of a campfire
A small, round, flat type of yeast-leavened bread which is usually sliced horizontally and toasted.
A flat oven-baked Italian bread made of strong (high-gluten) flour, oil, water, salt and yeast. It can be used as a side to many meals, as a base for pizza or as sandwich bread.
A leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines Central Asia. Yogurt is used to make a smooth, elastic dough, and is cooked on the sides of a tandoori oven.
Unleavened flat bread, similar to chapatti, which is made in almost every part of India, and is also popular in the Caribbean.
traditional bread of Ireland. Main ingredients are flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is used as a leavening agent instead of yeast.
Used to prepare many Mexican dishes like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and wraps.
This dark and hearty bread comes from Germany.
A long, narrow French loaf.
A French crescent-shaped roll made of sweet flaky yeast dough, eaten for breakfast.
A bread made from ground maize or corn. It is popular in the United States.
Often boiled briefly before baking. The dough is twisted into shape, a German bread.
A rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter and typically eaten at Christmas.

Bakeshop Ingredients Crossword

Bakeshop Ingredients Crossword

A weak or low protein flour made from soft wheat
Fresh liquid milk which has been cultured or soured by bacteria.
Next to water, the more important liquid in the bakeshop
Leavening agent in breads, dinner rolls, Danish pastries and similar products.
Sodium Bicarbonate
Expands to 1,100 times its original volume.
The most important nut in the bakeshop
Most important flavoring in the bakeshop
Intentionally flavorless
A mixture of equal parts dextrose and levulose
commonly used for porridge, made by steaming oat grains to soften them and then flattening them between rollers
Considered and an ancestor of modern wheat
Concentrated sugarcane juice
Manufactured from various hydrogenated animal and vegetable fats
The process of heating milk to kill disease causing organisms
Important in the production of fillings, toppings, dessert sauces and cold desserts
The part of an egg that is high in both protein and fat
The process by which yeast acts on sugars and changes them into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol
a water soluble protein extracted from animal connective tissue
alone, when added to a liquid, thickens but does not solidify or gel

Chapter 30 Grains Crossword

Chapter 30 Grains Crossword

? are plants in the grass family cultivated for their fruits or seeds
? grains produce many small, separate dry fruits called
the ? is the edible, outer layer of the kernel
the ? is the largest part of the kernel, which is made of proteins and starches that supply the plant with food
the ? is the seed that grows into a new plant
some grains are covered with an inedible outer coat called the ?, which is removed after harvesting
? products, including whole-wheat flour and whole-grain breakfast cereal, are made of the entire kernel and so contain most of the original nutrients
? is one of the oldest cereal grains
? is the starchy seed of plants grown in flooded fields in warm climates
? is an Italian word meaning "paste"
pasta includes ?, which is made from durum wheat flour and water
?, which have egg solids added for tenderness
? is bread made with a leaving agent, such as yeast or baking powder
? is any bread that is unleavened, or made without leavenings
? means that the product is made from the whole wheat grain
to cook ? is to cook so that the pasta is firm to the bite, rather than soft and mushy
which type of rice has the highest starch content
which type of rice is the most popular in the United States