A scientific theory that Earth's crust is made of movible plates.
Plate tectonics
A sudden shaking of Earth's crust.
An opening in Earth's crust through which lava may flow.
The process through which rocks are broken down.
The process of carrying away soil or pieces of rock.
The process of dropping off bits of eroded rock.
The central part of Earth.
Is the thick layer of solid and molten rock that surrounds the core.
Is the thin layer of solid rock that makes up the outermost layer of Earth.
All of Earth's liquid and solid water including oceans, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and the water located underground.
Is a physical feature on Earth's surface.
Is hot, melted rock.
Are deep cracks in Earth's crust where rocks move in opposite directions.
The place where the slipping begins.
That point is the earthquakes.
Once magma reaches Earth's surface.
As it moves, the plate passes over a stationary pool of magma.
Hot Spot
Is a larger mass of slowly flowing ice.
Or gentle loops, sometimes form in rivers with slow-moving water.
Particles of soil and rocks that are carried along in water.
Is a place that is easily flooded when river water rises.
Is a series huge waves caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption beneath the ocean.
Is a wall or a large mound of earth built along river to prevent it from flooding.

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