On what day each week can each eligible T-Mobile line can get in on various offers
Upgrade program that allows you to upgrade once half the cost of your phone is paid off
Feature that gives 10GB high speed hotspot
You get a $5 discount per line when you enroll into this
Charges that bill to a customer’s account after the bill cycle in which they occurred
Team to send customer pain points to
Courtesy credit code for customer's issue Non-T-Mobile error
New System to use to add new lines of service
Step number 9 for existing customer's Change of responsibility
Program to pay off devices or ETF's for previous carrier when they switch to T-Mobile
T-Mobile ONE ________ plan is for employees of large companies who have an agreement with T-Mobile
Requirement added back for Carrier Freedom as of March 30th, 2018
This program allows participating Verizon customers who BYOD to get reimbursed for their previous carrier's remaining device payment plan balance, ETF, or both (hint: add the #)

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