What did Joey hang on the rear veiw mirror?
Smelly green pine tree
What did Byron use kenny's toothbrush for?
Shine quarters
When their dad finally got back, what cartoon was the family watching?
Clutch Cargo
What was the new addition to the Brown Bomber?
record player
On their trip, where did they try to find a motel room?
In which state was the rest stop "chopped right out of the forest?"
What was the name of the record player?
Ultra Glide
What state were they headed to for their long trip?
Who were they going to see on their trip?
Grandma Sands
Which child misbehaved so badly that they had to take him to his grandmother's?
What was Kenny expecting to come through the door when they arrived?
A troll
What did Byron do when they met Grandma Sands?
How did Grandma Sands describe Byron?
Fine looking
Their first night at Grandma Sands what did they have to eat?
Where did they go to get stuff to have chicken on the first night?
What was Birmingham like?
An oven
When Kenny woke up and didn't see Byron, where did he find him?
Under a big tree
What type of animal was inder the tree with Byron, Their dad, and Mr. Roberts?
What was the name of the dog at Grandma Sandy's house?
Who is Grandma Sands dearest friend?
Mr Robert
Who was the boy that got caught up in a whirlpool and found 3 days later?
Where was Kenny supposed to stay away from?
Colliers landing
The sign that Kenny, Joey, and Byron looked at, what was pointing to the left?
Public Swimming
How many lives have been lost at Colliers landing?
Colliers landing is named after a guy, what is his first name?

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