basic reason for understanding an desirable condition or problem
root cause
diagram that shows the sequence of tasks
process responsible for managing the lifecyle of incidents
incident management
methodical way of determining and, when possible, forecasting service trends
trend analysis
technique performed by a group of people and designed to generate ideas
software routine that waits in the background and performs an action
digital agent
inform all stakeholders in the incident management process
determining the most significant causes
pareto analysis
details that describe how an incident was resolved
resolution data
a sign or indication that incident has occurred
deviation or departure from the average or the norm
a metric used to show a starting point
process of comparing the servic desk's performance metrics
individual who is skilled at working with end users to determine their needs
business analyst
the tules and standards that govern the conduct of a person or group
a term used to describe unplanned changes to project's scope
scope creep
the period of time over which the benefits of an investment are received
payback period
the ratio of the number of workers who had to be replaced in a given period
turnover rate
characteristic that is difficult to measure precisely
bar chart that is often used to illustrate a project schedule
Gantt chart
measurement technique that combines Yes or No
exit poll

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