To threaten, intimidate or bully someone through online communication (13)
Someone who deliberately makes offensive posts online (5)
Something designed to keep your personal information and websites safe so that others can't access them (8)
A good password contains numbers, symbols, uppercase letters and .......... letters (9)
You shouldn't download things without permission in case you get a ..... (5)
To keep your social media accounts secure, you need good ....... settings (7)
A popular website designed for sharing videos (7)
Never send a ..... of yourself to someone online without your parents' permission (5)
Never agree to meet someone face-to-face who you've met ...... (6)
Never give out your name, date of birth or any other personal ........... online (11)
Make sure that you have got your parents' .......... before buying anything online or accepting a friend request (10)
You have to be careful online because people can ....... to be someone else (7)
The internet is useful for many things, but it can be ......... if you don't use it safely (9)
Cyberbullying can have serious ............ (12)
If something online makes you uncomfortable, tell a trusted ..... (5)
You can access the internet in many ways, e.g. laptops, tablets, ...... phones and game consoles (6)

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