First Aid Crossword

Closed Wound
a cut in the skin
partial or complete tearing away of the skin
when a pointy object pierces the skin
bacteria forms in a wound
used to repair an incision
a severe infection resulting from a deep wound
any material used to wrap a wound
a pad placed directly on a wound
first step to control bleeding
tight bandage used as a last resort to control bleeding
a medical condition that can be caused by blood loss
object is stuck in deep - impaled
most common cause of death in young people
blood vessel carrying blood away from heart
if knocked out, put it in place as soon as possible
reduces swelling and pain
a dressing made of plastic

Wounds and Bleeding Crossword

Wounds and Bleeding Crossword

An injury to the body's soft tissue
An injury to the soft tissues under the skin
An injury in which the skins surface is broken
A wound in which damage to soft tissues and blood vessels causes bleeding under the skin
A cut caused by a sharp edged object such as a knife or scissors
A cut that causes a irregular or jagged tearing of skin
A wound caused by rubbing or scraping away of skin
A wound in which the skin or other body tissue is separated or completely torn away
A wound produced when a pointed instrument pierces the skin
A condition in which pathogens enter the body and multiply
A bacteria that grows in the body and produces a strong poison that attacks the nervous system and muscles
Loss of blood from mucus membranes
A tooth that has been knocked out of its socket
A dangerous reduction of blood to the body tissues

First Aid and Shock Crossword

First Aid and Shock Crossword

A way to prioritize treatment
Shock is also known as?
Severe bleeding is known as?
Excessive perspiration
What happens to your blood pressure during shock?
Shock caused by allergic reaction
Shock caused by damage to the heart
Shock caused by severe bleeding
Shock caused by body fluid loss
Shock caused by trauma to the brain
Shock caused by emotional distress
Shock caused by trauma to the respiratory tract
Shock caused by infection
During shock, what happens to the blood flow to the major organs?
When blood spurts from a wound, the blood is from an?
When bleeding is minimal, it comes from a?
Second step in controlling bleeding
Artery in the leg
Wound where tissue is torn from the body
Serious infection caused by bacteria

Soft Tissue Injuries Crossword

Soft Tissue Injuries Crossword

an injury to the soft tissues
include the layers of the skin, fat and muscle
the simplest closed wound also known as a bruise
injuries that break the skins outer layer
soft tissue damage occurs beneath the surface of skin , leaving the outer layer intact
skin that has been rubbed or scraped away
a cut, usually from a sharp object
an injury in which a portion of the skin, and sometimes other soft tissue, is partially or completely torn away
the skin is pierced with a pointed object
when a part of the body receives a crushing force
the removal of a limb
when the object remains in the wound
simplest closed wound also know as a bruise
soft tissue injury caused by heat, chemicals, electricity and radiation
involves only the top layer of skin
involves both layers of skin
destroys both layers of skin and may involve fat, muscle, bones and nerves
outer layer of the skin
inner layer of the skin

Wounds and Bleeding Crossword

Wounds and Bleeding Crossword

A closed wound causes soft ______ beneath the skin to be damaged
An open wound is a break in the continuity of the skin making it exposed to _________
The top layer of the skin
This type of wound may have associated tissue damage and fractures
This type of wound is normally reults from snagging or tearing of tissue
This type of wound is normally made by a sharp edged object
This type of wound is difficult to assess any internal damage
This type of wound may have both an entry and exit wound with associated internal injuries
A temporary ______ is formed when the pressure wave caused by a projectile pushes the surrounding tissue away
This type of bleeding oozes ot the wound surface
This type of bleeding spurts to the pulse rate
This type of bleeding is dark red in colour
This type of bleeding is often difficult to diagnose simply because the bleeding cannot be obviously seen
This is a pressure dressing
Life threatening haemorrhage uncontrollable by simple measure wound be an indcation for the use of which piece of equipment
If you fracture this bone the blood loss can be 1000-2000ml
If you fracture this bone the blood loss can be 500-750ml
If you fracture this bone the blood loss can be 1000-5000
In pregnant patients, although both red cells and plasma volume increase, ______________ occurs due to disproportionate amount of plasma volume
Predisposing factors for pressure ulcers are both __________ and intrinsic
A stage 3 pressure ulcer has full thickness skin loss involving ____________ tissue down to but not through fascia

Soft Tissue Injuries Word Search

Soft Tissue Injuries Word Search
Word Search

partial thickness burn
soft tissue injuries
full thickness burn
superficial burn
closed wounds
open wounds

First Aid Review: Bleeding Wounds Word Search

First Aid Review: Bleeding Wounds Word Search
Word Search

Internal bleeding
Bleeding wound
Nose bleed

FIRST AID Crossword

FIRST AID Crossword

bleeding oozes rather than flows
partial thickness classified as
type of shock treated with epinepherine
referred to as syncope
type of injury necessary to flush with water/call EMS
bleeding flows more and is darker in color
bleeding flows more rapidly/bright red and spurts
estimating body surface burned
this condition requires immobilization
heat related emergency displays moist pale skin, headaches and weakness
condition that occurs due to exposure to cold
shock resulted from hypoglycemia, requires giving sugar
sharp pain in the middle of the chest/pain down left arm
condition where you lie the patient down and open an airway
bandage-injury at the elbow
bandage-wound to lower leg
fracture to the long bone
bandage-injury to finger
shock respiratory-treatment?

Bleeding and Shock Crossword

Bleeding and Shock Crossword

A sign of internal bleeding ( )
Type of bleeding that can be seen coming from a wound
Used first to control bleeding ( ) ( )
Failure to circulate oxygen-rich blood
If blood soaks through the bandage ( ) more pads
A type of shock when you lose excessive amounts of blood
The process by which blood thickens
Capillary bleeding usually flows this way
A sign of shock when a person is unable to sit still
The amount of blood circulating in the body is known as ( ) ( )
One cause of internal bleeding causing by direct trauma ( ) ( )
Arterial blood is under more pressure and will ( ) from the wound
These carry blood to the heart
Loss of a large amount of blood in a short period of time
Bleeding that occurs inside of the body
These carry blood from the heart
A snug bandage to control bleeding (two words)
This will help reduce swelling with a minor internal bleed ( ) ( )

Wound Care Crossword

Wound Care Crossword

Softening and breaking down of skin, resulting from prolonged exposure to moisture
The upper outer layer of the two main layers of cells that make up the skin
A common bacterial skin infection
A wound irrigation solution that has antimicrobial and excellent moisturising properties
A fluid with high content of protein ad cellular debris that has escaped from blood vessels due to inflammation
Bacteria embedded in a thick shiney barrier of sugars and protein
A dressing that adds moisture to a wound
A sweet sticky substance that has been used in wound care for 100's of years
NICE guidelines recommend this product for debridement of necrotic, sloughy and long standing hyperkeratotic tissue
It can be white or yellow in colour, and is made up of dead skin cells

Phlebotomy Crossword

Phlebotomy Crossword

Universal Precautions are regulated by
Potential error from filling tubes in the wrong order
How often should glucose monitors have QC checks
Why would a collection tube loose vacuum
Type of safety inspection performed on equipment maintenance logs
Complication from removing the needle before the tourniquet
What is present in a urinalysis sample to indicate infection
Complication from underfilling a Gray tube
Position for CPR
Primary function of RBC's --transport...
Puncture of bone for a heel stick can cause
The anticoagulant found in the Lavender tube
Type of tube to use for Blood Cultures
Antiseptic agent used to clean the site for a Blood Culture
When calculating blood volume, you need to know the pts.
Tube color used for blood typing
Term for using sense of touch to locate a vein
Lab Dept. that tests cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, and proteins