The danger that money won't be worth as much in the future as it is today
Price paid for using someone else's money
Percentage rate used to calculate interest
Assets purchased with the goal of providing additional income from the asset itself but with the risk of loss
An individual's general approach to investment risk
The possibility that an investment will fail to pay the expected return or fail to pay a return at all
How quickly and esily assets can be accessed and converted into cash
The current price that a buyer is willing to pay
The specific time in the future when the principal (or initial investment) amount of the bond is repaid to the bondholder
An organized, central service to buy and sell stocks, bonds and other investments that are traded
The owner of a stock
Reduce, defer or adjust the current year tax liability
The amount of interest earned depends on the account balance
Money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount if received in the future

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