Jimothy Brown has just been released from the Oliver Corrections Centre for possesion of cocaine. Two weeks later he was found in the streets with cocaine and various other drugs. What is this an example of?
Bob Green was in court to determine how much jail time he should serve for sexual assault. The judge finds out this wasn't his first time, he felt no remorse and he wasn't going to stop. This additional information is called _____ and allows the judge to lengthen his sentence.
Todd Marsh has served 20 years of his life sentence and has been released early on the promise of good behavior and an evaluation determining he is ready to reintegrate back into society. What was Todd granted?
Tom Jenkins was caught drunk driving on two different occasions in the last month. At Tom's court hearing, he argued serving jail time would ruin his career and eventually his life. The judge granted him a sentence to be served on weekends and at night. What kind of sentence is this?
Originally, the judge wanted to sentence Tom Jenkins to a year in the Oliver Corrections Centre, as he knowingly broke the law more than once. After seeing Tom break down crying in court, apologized for his wrongdoings, and promised to go to a rehab for being an alcoholic, and had never hurt anyone as a result of his crimes, the judge decreased the severity of his sentence. Tom's circumstance and reactions in court was information called ____ that convinced the judge to decrease the severity of the punishment.
John Messer was being sentenced in court for sexually assaulting a minor under the age of sixteen. The young girl had attempted suicide and was admitted to a mental hospital after the offence. So, in court at John's sentence hearing, the Kato family prepared a document describing the harm done after the offence called a ____. The document helped determine John would serve 15 years in Federal prison.
Bill Kato was extremely angry after John Messer sexually assaulted his young daughter. After seeing him in court, Bill thought he should face the same awful abuse his daughter did. So, before John was taken to prison, Bill cornered him with a few friends and sexually assaulted him in a dark alley. This is a sick example of ___.
Mandy Johl was accused of killing her ex husband's two golden retriever dogs and stabbing her ex husband multiple times. Her ex husband claims she's crazy and should serve at least 5 years in prison. A report from her psychiatrist describing her mental history proved she is/was unwell and helped the judge decide to instead put her in a mental facility.
Calvin Cabel has been diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. He has been in prison for two and a half years of his four year sentence. Calvin was granted to take a nonpermanent leave to cope and say goodbyes to his family as he has been working hard in the rehabilitative programs, has served more than one sixth of his sentence, and is classified as a low risk offender. What is this type of leave called?
Jack Redhill served 2 years in prison after he was convicted of possession of illegal drugs and distribution of illegal drugs. It has been three and a half years since Jack completed his sentence and he has gone to a rehab centre and is a changed law-abiding man. Unfortunately, Jack was having trouble finding good jobs (even though he has a university degree), because of his criminal record. So, he applied to the government to get his record set aside. The government obliged on the condition if he was ever convicted again, both the crimes would be on his criminal record. This is called a ____.
Mackenzie Hilton was sentenced to be held in custody of a prison for 2 years. Her lawyer warned her that if she didn't comply she would face ___. While in prison, Mackenzie really wished she had listened to her lawyer instead of having to serve a set amount of time imprisoned.
Grayson Huebert has been caught driving under the influence three times in the last several years. The first time, his car was imbounded and his licence suspended for a couple weeks. The second time his car was imbounded and his licence suspended for three years. This time his licence would be suspended for life (potentially only ten years). What is this called?
Lola Panone was given two four year sentences and served only 4 years in prison as she served both sentences at the same time. What type of sentence is this?
This type of prison holds offenders with sentences less than two years. There are multiple ones in the same province.What type of prison is this?
Marvin Galt sexually assaulted two women in one week and was given two 10 year sentences to be served one after the other. Marvin served 20 years in jail. What type of sentence is this?

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