The Rule of Thumb to remember for compliance issues is "___ ___, ___ ___!" (4 words)
See it Say it
Every employee has an __________ to report potential violations.
When a meeting can be conducted at a Customer’s office or a nearby Merck site, a Business Meeting Over Meal would be considered ____________.
Improper business conduct can result in many serious consequences, including ___________.
Exceptions to anti-kickback laws are referred to as ____ _______. (2 words)
safe harbors
Your first option to report concert or allegations of misconduct is ____ _______. (2 words)
your manager
Merck’s ____ __ _______, Our Values and Standards, are our universal statement of values, standards and ethical principles that guide your daily operations. (2 words)
Code of Conduct
Every Merck employee and non-employee is expected to exhibit Executional __________ with each activity, every day.
_______ conduct not only conforms with applicable laws but also maintains or strengthens the reputation of the company, typically through meet- ing or exceeding the responsibilities to stakeholder groups.
Compensating for Services at Fair Market Value is one of Merck's 10 Guiding __________.
Raising a concern in “____ _____” means that you have made a genuine attempt to provide honest and accurate information even if you are later proven to be mistaken. (2 words)
Good Faith
Activities that seek to improperly influence the decision making of a health care professional may violate ___-_______ laws. (hyphenated word -- do not include hyphen)
anti kickback
Employees and non-employees may remain _________ when reporting an alleged compliance violation.
Conduct activities and interactions with the medical and scientific community in a manner that protects our ____________ property and respects that of others.
Ensure that all communications shared with the medical and scientific community are based on accurate and ________ scientific information.
Merck’s __________ could be damaged if laws, regulations, and Codes of Conduct are not followed.