a lack of doubt in ones abilities
the ability to bend and adapt to change
to look back at what one has done or thought
the notion that learning is on going throughout life
life long learning
a model of expressing what is key to the career development process
high five
a will to succeed;a cherished desire
the unique characteristics that distinguish us as individuals
prejudice that leads to an unfair influence upon an individual, issue, or situation
beliefs about individuals or groups that place them in categories of disadvantage
when action results in a desired outcome
a reason for ones action
see resume
functional resume
anything that gets in the way of your goals and plans
connections with other people
a meeting between an employer and a prospective employee
job interview
a pattern or tendency or habit in society
the ability to respond positively to change by adjusting goals and plans
a provincial law that contains basic rules about employing people
labour standard act
a pattern evident in the human population
demographic trend
a cluster of jobs with similar tasks and skills
a regulation within the occupational health and safety act
the way one sees oneself
self concept
a specific set of duties performed for a specific employer in a prescribed location

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