where we first met
nuestro primer viaje
san jose
new technology in an old location
it's high time for a good time
reunion tower
uncomfortable at night
an offensive laugh
book of mormon
a cold one, for some
collection of hot-headed people in a cold room
it can be very "inflamada"
a cheater and a triathlete
sometimes you have to take it apart to put it together
rubix cube
they're mean but my honey likes them
cross words
a geographic revelation, for short
the UP
a form of joint stabilization for a little one
cowgirl boots
a danger of vacation
friction injury
ours are pretty cute
could be a boy or a girl
you pay to work
tower garage
a little cutie
home away from home
even a two could do it
hernia repair
the best in country
brad paisley
forgotten, but only once

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